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A Terrible Confession!

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    I started watching the History Channel TV show SIX. Chris turned me on to it. Against my better judgement, because ti is about Navy SEALS, and anything SEAL instantly turns me off.

    But actually, it’s really fucking good! I just watched two seasons of it when I had other things to do.

    It’s gritty with shitty situations and real personalities. Shitty dependa wives etc! The action is pretty good. Real good storylines.

    Worth a watch. There are some good training scenarios in there that we could draw some lessons from. I’ll give it some thought. HEAT 1 tomorrow.

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    Saw the previews when it was first coming out, but have never watched it. We’ll give it a go!

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    I kinda liked it also. Unfortunately it got canceled and will not be renewed for a third season.

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    I’ll have to check it out.

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    I caught the first 5? episodes on Hulu but that’s all they put up the last I looked.

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    Just remember, Anne Frank was a criminal because the government made her one and she died because she broke the law.

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    Scott G

    Much better than the SEAL team show on CBS. There was still some anti-gun BS included in one of the episodes.

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    For those who don’t have cable/satellite, this series is on Hulu.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the SEAL tv show on history. It still had many things in the show I wasn’t fond of but it is impossible to avoid certain narratives on the TV.

    The amount of Arc’teryx clothing and gear must of blown out their budget.

    I wonder if anyone will pick up the show such as amazon or hulu.

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