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    First Sergeant

    Good video that talks about what to look for.

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    John is an excellent instructor based out of Culpeper, VA. I’ve taken 18 of his classes since 2010. For the class room portion alone, I recommend taking one of his classes.

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    That’s great stuff! Thanks for sharing that.

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    :good: :good:

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    nice educational video. Very important to share this stuff with friends and family :good:

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    :good: great info!

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    Movement- we live or we die by it.

    When you start moving a bit a few things happen. You breathe better which calms the psyche a bit. You open up what all you can see- that 2nd guy that the first was baiting you towards. And it opens up escape routes and/or avenues of attack/flank to you. It also puts you on the initiative and changes the dynamic a bit.

    Every time I teach knife or pistol disarms, I try to emphasive the movement first. If you teach hands on right off the bat, movement literally stops. But often if you teach movement first and then the hands on, people will more naturally keep the movement as part of it.

    Just like when you put a gun in someone’s hand and they go stiff and their movement almost becomes robotic. They have focused too little on the movement and too much on the gun. You have to balance it.
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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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