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    Virgil Kane

    I want to get to a level of fitness where I can do an MVT course and not hold up the class or fall out.

    My conditioning has been off and on since college, which was 25 years ago and more off than on. In college I lifted weights regularly in the range of 350-400# squats and 200-275# bench. I’m now 48yo, 6’2″ and 225# and spend long days sitting behind the computer as an engineer. I did TKD for a few years and lost down to 195# about 5 yrs ago, but that was with hard core paleo. I fell off the wagon when the economy got better and work picked up.

    I’ve been doing this current workout regularly for about a year. I exercise hard for about 1.5 hrs, 3 days a week. Every couple of weeks I add another exercise or add reps. My heart rate gets up to about 160 and then it takes another half hour to catch my breath.

    My exercise routine this week:

    3 sets of:
    50 pushups
    30 upright rows with 30# bell to a squat with each arm
    50 situps
    30 lawnmower pulls with 30# bell with each arm
    7 min on treadmill at 10% walking fast with 2-3 minutes of running on each set. (I was doing 20 stairs (15 steps) with a 40# weight vest, but my knees got to hurting so bad the rest of the time I decided to back off and do the treadmill for awhile.) I do this with very short breaks between exercises.
    50 more pushups and 50 more situps to get up to 200 of each.

    I generally eat low carb with some cheats scattered in – a few beers on the weekend and occasional sweet.

    My knees felt better at the lower weight even carrying a 50# pack. I’m just having a hard time dropping the pounds this go round.

    Any words of advice, literal or motivational? Anybody else in a similar situation? Need an accountability partner?

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    Id say with your current level of fitness you would definitely make it through a class and not be a liability! You may want to try burpees or old school squat thrusts or as Max advises, go to a nearby high school track, sprint (what a sprint is to you, you don’t have to sprint like Usain Bolt) 10 yards, drop to prone or a knee, repeat.

    As for weight loss, I’ve gone back to just counting calories and lost 20+ lbs.

    Good luck!


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    10 yards, drop to prone or a knee, repeat.

    Do that for a hundred yards up and back and if you’re not sucking wind at the end you are good to go on WV mountains :good:

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    Haha yeah you need the wind more than anything. I drive a desk too so I can relate. I will be 48 next month. My goal is better cardio for this coming year. The advice about the burpees or sprints to prone and back up are spot on. I don’t think I could do your regimen above but I have lived thru several classes. Sign up for class, you won’t regret it.

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    MVT offers tactical fitness training plans. Right side bar.

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    It depends on which class, you would probablymake it through the entry level classes without too much problems. Classes like fof, combat patrol, rifleman challenge require a step up on the cardio.

    You can definitely look into max’s training plan as it is designed to get you into combat shape. If i recall correctly, it was geared towards prepping for the rifleman challenge.

    If you are too cheap to do that, you need to add some wind sprints and running to your routine. Preferably on hills, because mvt wv is hilly.

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    PT Training plans are not specific to the RC. They are designed for general combat fitness (read fitness) ans have two versions: standalone, and ones where they are designed to tailor directly into a class attendance.

    Sales have dropped off for the PT plans, mainly because people are lazy fat fucks who think they don’t need to be fit. Your performance in a tactical survival environment is directly related to your level of PT. This will directly affect your physical and mental performance.

    I also not an issue when I see people post their PT plans here. They are mostly focussed on strength training and not on both sustained and anaerobic cardio. Strength must ne included, but the focus must be on cardio. People don’t want to hear that, because cardio is hard.

    People are weak.

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    Virgil Kane

    I’m trying to get to a basic level of good fitness. This routine seems pretty heavy on the cardio, because my heart rate stays above 150 and I feel like I can’t fucking breathe.

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve been trying to figure out what to add for Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll start doing burpees and sprints on those days. Do your burpees include pushups? My 11yo gymnast says they have to include pushups. I also need to add pullups once I get a rack in place.

    Based on the situp thread I guess I’ll start doing something for abs besides situps. I didn’t know they could cause damage.

    Masters II
    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
    October 2017 MVT South - CTT/DA
    March 2018 DCH

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    I don’t recall my fitness plans being heavy on burpees….if you ‘can’t fucking breathe’ you may be overdoing it with high intensity anaerobic training. What can I say, plans are available. Up to you.

    Profile photo of Max Velocity

    P.S. Hunter is the olympic cycle trainer who I created the fitness plans with. Sadly, he is not around here much anymore, simply due to lack of demand. You could try a PM to him, it should go into his inbox. There has not been the demans lately for legitimate PT plans, people just seem to fuck around with nothing, or some shite plan that doesn’t do them any good.

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    Yeah it’s sad but true. The plans Max and Hunter put together are actually quite good, especially for guys like us, who want to add in skill sets with rifle (and pistol). You won’t find much out there with that kind of emphasis.

    I have done two of these plans and really like the format. I have since tweaked them a bit to fit my particular needs, as an older patriot, but in the main, they are excellent guides. You can scale them up or down depending on your fitness level.

    Some notes. Lay out your Mission Essential Task List (METL). Defending your hearth and home. Active Shooter Events. Natural/Unnatural disasters. Figure out what skill sets are necessary to accomplish these missions (hint: lots of overlap here). Then look at what training you need to meet a standard (like how quickly can you draw and get off an accurate shot). Look at your fitness from the standpoint of what is needed to accomplish the mission, as opposed to pretty muscles at the beach. This is something the MVT programs are really good at. FUNCTIONAL fitness training versus “body building”.

    The MVT template includes strength and conditioning, along with cardio, AND skill training focusing on carrying and shooting your weapons. Get you some of that.

    My tweak is basically adding some more heavy weight strength training, which I think is essential for old goats like me. So here is my basic routine. One basic strength lift (squats, deadlift, front press, or bench press) 5 x 5, One strength conditioning routine, as in Max’s plans (mix of weights with calisthenics), and finishing with Cardio, either straight runs, or ruck Tabs. I am currently working this on a day on/ day off routine, but you can also do it as a 3 or 4 on, day off routine, or whatever fits your schedule. The days off are dedicated to skills training, such as dry-fire/ live-fire shooting.

    So my sked might look like this: M,W,F workouts, T,Th skill sets, Sat or Sun long run or ruck day. This is just what works for me. You can organize this stuff practically anyway that works for ya.

    I think the main thing is to figure out a program you can sustain, versus these “P90X” blitz programs, which are nice, but practically speaking are not sustainable. Steady training, on an annual training program, versus “burn-out” PT. I work my modified MVT programs in 12-week blocks, with breaks in between, which gives me 4 training blocks per year. In effect, I “peak” on a quarterly basis, versus those who try to stay in peak form indefinitely. Which leads to burnout and injury.

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