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    There are a lot of choices out there and I’ve tried a few, unfortunately the ones I’ve tried probably have too much sugar and won’t sustain me properly if all I carry is one meal per day on patrol. My go to snack bar are cliff bars. I’m getting a bit tired of those. I’m looking for high energy, high nutrition options from you guys that really have some good experience with these foods. I’m tired of just eating bars. Some wraps or purees to add some variety would be nice. I’ve spent some time at REI looking at some of their options but it becomes paralysis by analysis when there are so many options and they’re not cheap.

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    Check out Soldier Fuel energy bars.

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    Brian from Georgia

    If you want energy, convenience and shelf life, energy bars are the handiest way of getting there.

    Clif has a variety of products, with all others having fewer grams of carbs and sugar than the regular ol’ Clif bar with 42g carbs.

    Clif Builder bar (tastes like a candy bar): 270 cal,8g fat, 30g carbs, 20g protein
    Clif Nut butter: 230 cal, 11g fat, 27g carbs, 7g protein

    It’s hard to beat peanut butter for calorie density. It’s mostly fat, so go easy eating it before strenuous activity. Eat in the evening since it takes longer to digest.

    Larabar is a good alternative to energy bars if you like dates. 230 cal, 13g fat, 23g carb, 6g protein.

    I’m digging Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie lately. Two cookie pack has 360 cal, 8g-15g fat, 54g carbs and 16g protein. Eat one with a whey protein shake and you have a pretty decent quick meal.

    Alternative;y, eat the MRE snacks on breaks and the entrees for your actual meals.

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    I eat these daily… love em! You can usually find them at quality grocery stores, Whole Foods, etc.

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    I like the clif builder bars but I don’t eat them every day. I feel like I got real fuel, not a carb blast

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    The Cliff bars are good, we keep a couple of them in chest rigs and the smaller Camelbaks as well as in rucks.

    For the guys like me used to having some caffeine regularly. Don’t forget your body will crave that in the field also. Drink more water than you think you need and get a little bit of boost from stuff like the GU Energy gel packets. The ones I’m looking at now have 450 mg. Amino acids, 125 mg Sodium and 20mg Caffeine. They are 1.1 oz packets and you can get them at Academy for about $7. for 8 of them. Have all sorts of good flavors too. Another small item like the Cliff bars that you can fit almost anywhere.

    These sorts of things DO NOT substitute for a real meal in the field however, that’s not the point.
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    I really dig some bars from Kind (I don’t like their “savory” flavors though). As someone else suggested Larabars aren’t bad if you like dates, I went through a phase with them but they became too sweet for my tastes. My favorite are probably from Qi’a, I stumbled upon them at a discount food store.

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    And for those with peanut allergy?? (as in death)….

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