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    From Windham Weaponry, the original crew of Bushmaster. 600 bucks. Reviews make it sound accurate and reliable. My only concern is the durability of the composite receiver. Thoughts?

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    I have no personal knowledge but i would think the probabilities are against longevity in this.
    The CEO of one of the shooting schools i go to says they are prone to break.

    If price is an issue the check out palmetto state armory. They have some complete rifles for around 550.

    Personally i
    would pay a couple hundred extra and get a rifle with a chrome lined barrel and bolt carrier with a magnetic particle inspected/hi pressure tested bolt.,-5.56mm-223,-with-16-barrel,-new.-p-5943.html

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    D Close

    I’ve been using it for a couple years now. I’ve run it through a CRCD. After a few thousand rounds it is running well. It’s a Bushy. I run it with an ARD “Black Rose” upper. Burris MTAC optic. Never had a problem with the receiver.

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a superlight AR, but have been somewhat leery of composites. Haven’t heard enough about any really being put through rigorous testing, in fact D Close your the closest I’ve heard of by running one through CRCD.

    MAG Tactical Systems makes an magnesium alloy upper (4.8 ounces) and lower receiver (5.875 ounces) that sounds interesting. In fact they sell a complete Rifle the “Air 15 Recon” that weighs in at 4.8 pounds!

    I would like to handle both the Carbon 15 and Air 15 and do a side by side comparison.

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    One of our neighbors near the redoubt rocks a Windham AR. He has only put, maybe 500 rounds through her and she has worked flawlessly. He bought it during the Jan. 2013 AR/Obama scare and it was under $1,000-.

    He came to me one snowy morning with cup of coffee in hand, asking if I had heard of Windham – I hadn’t. Called a friend who builds AR’s as a sideline and he told me, as Jake mentioned above, that the Windham Folks sold Bushmaster arms company to someone who then promptly moved the company lock, stock & barrel ;-) to Kentucky or Tennessee, I forget.

    Of course my buddy wanted to build a rifle for my neighbor with this do da and that do da and poo poo’d the rifle. He did say though, “The original Bushmasters were good solid rifles. So if the original Bushmaster folks were building AR’s again they must be good.”

    My neighbor and I went to the mom & pop gun shop selling the AR. Checked it out and he bought it. I saw nothing wrong with the weapon other than the afore mentioned lack of a chrome lined barrel issue.

    Sighted in with little hassle and he has put a can of green tip through the rifle with no issues.

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    What DH said- I wouldn’t bet on it for combat use. Competition maybe.
    I also am not a BM fan anway, so there is that too… :whistle:
    I’d rather get either of the two rifles DH mentioned any day…

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    I’ve had a Carbon 15 for several years and haven’t had the first problem with it. My wife likes to shoot it because it’s so light.

    My only problem with the Carbon 15 is that I’d like to have a second one!

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    Nah. I’d get a Stag (plus pkg) or Colt, or an LMT. Just save my pennies a little longer. Later. :unsure:

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    I have one that I bought last year…

    I wanted another rifle, and it was the only one on the shelf at the time, as we were still under the influence of Sandy Hook Psychosis. mania. It is a windham SRC-1. I have only put about 500 rounds through it, but it is an excellent shooter. Windham makes good stuff, and it is guaranteed, unconditionally for life.

    I put Magpul furniture on it, and a set of AIM sports folding sights. I wouldn’t be afraid to take it into a fight.

    The only drawback is that the ultra light weight gives it a lot more flip when you shoot it, so you have to really hold it down, especially under rapid fire.

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    Remington bought the Bushmaster name , closed the company and left behind the shop , tooling and employees – who reopened as Windham weaponry.

    Nice solid rifles

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    Its hard to find a CA compliant rifle that or a dealer that is willing to make it compliant within my price range. After some serious pondering I think I will be, if everything goes smooth in the next few weeks, be getting a Stag Model 2, as this will be ideally my only semi-automatic rifle purchase for a very long time. Atlantic Firearms will install the bullet button for me for $750. Seems like a good deal, especially since a Carbon 15 is $620 without irons and this one comes with them. I was absolutely blown away by the price of Magpul and Troy Industries irons. Stag seems like a good company.

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    The most notable problem I have seen with both the “carbon 15” and poly lowers is cracking and breakage in the material around the forward locking pin area. Stress point as it pivots when you open up the rifle and let the weight rest on the forward pin area.

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    As long as it’s a range queen and you never want to change the barrel, the C15 is fine. I will not work on one, ever. Too easy to break. You can flex the entire lower by hand.

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