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Cheap Improvised Falling Targets

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    A cheap falling target can be made from a box with 1″ hole and a least a 1 1/2″ balloon inside with a string attached to balloon.

    Balloon pops target drops. Vary size of balloons to increase difficulty or use multiple balloons.

    Small box with IDPA target attached, add a T-Shirt for more realism. How about several balloons with different strings at different angles of hanging attachment. One balloon pops next balloon keeps target from falling and string at different angle causes target to swing and move.

    Add a little water to balloon before inflating to add weight if windy to reduce movement.

    Think outside the box! ;-)

    The variations are endless.

    Combine with some of this guys four different videos.

    Sure not as great as programmable high end systems like this from Jedburgh Target Systems, but much more affordable.

    Now if money wasn’t a issue.

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    Now if money wasn’t a issue.

    Wow yeah :yahoo: That would definitely keep you from having your head stuck in your gun or blue screening. :yes:

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    This has really gotten me thinking…

    Being and engineer and a programmer that is looking for a fun project, this might be just the justification I need.

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    My local range used similar balloon/cardboard targets for a room clearing class they put on. Cheap but effective.

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