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Drills for faster sight picture (iron sighted pistols)

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    Here is the picture.

    This is the position that fixed all of my problems years ago. The same problems you are having picking up the sights.

    When I extend my arms, my chin rest on my right bicep. This allows my dominant left eye to line up directly behind the sights. I don’t have to push the gun to the left.

    This works. I have used it with others that were cross eye dominant.

    My shots were all over the place and I couldn’t figure it out. Went to one of my students (NRA) and we figured out out – cross-eyed as I’ve gotten older.

    KUDOS TO FIRST SERGEANT!! went to the range today, pushed my chin to my R bicep and viola!! groups about a quarter (at 5 yards)…..

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    @abacus, where are you located? From people I know who have taken a class from Ayoob, they have nothing but good things to say. You are correct that it depends on the instructor teaching it.

    PM sent.

    @wheelsee, glad it worked out. One of the things that most don’t realize is that things change as we age. You are not the first that I have heard of that their dominant eye changed.

    @johnnymac, the repeatability is what makes this position work for someone who is cross eye dominant. I struggled for a long time with a pistol because of it. Once I learned this technique, everything fell into place.

    @joe (G.W.N.S.), thanks for blowing the picture up.

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Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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