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    Although I would like people to post solutions on the forum, just as we used to do on the blog a couple of years ago when I first started these planning exercises, I realize that many will not want to.

    However, please provide some feedback as you whether you find these exercises useful. Do you look at them, complete them at home? Are they of interest?



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    Yes, very useful exercises. I didn’t get a chance to do them two years ago so they are “new tasks” to me. Enjoy thinking about solutions to them and definitely interested in more.

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    I do find them useful. I am glad you wrote this question here, because it made me start to think about how I could implement/practice some of it this weekend while doing some hog hunting.

    Because you got me thinking here is the start of a narrative, that I will try and complete as an exercise for the Squad Hasty Attack planning.

    Over the past year our land has been under attack. The attacks so far have been limited to property destruction, but the nature of the wild hog is that they will eat anything. The property is home to cows and other livestock, and the young ones could be the hogs next target.

    We know that they operate mostly at night and in the early morning, because, well it is Texas and even hogs find it too hot in the summer to be out in the sun. That being said we have seen patrols of 1-5 hogs during broad daylight snooping around the ranch. They are getting bolder.

    At a high level:
    – Patrolling during the days via Ranger to locate possible “sign” of the enemy bases
    – Night Recce (FLIR/NV) of the top designation locations
    – Plan an assault for the next night (unless I get too excited for some tasty wild boar)
    – Plan a safe escape route
    – Plan for having to haul out the enemy for eating :good: (maybe as a simulation for bringing back a wounded buddy out of the woods?)

    to be continued….

    Just some quick thoughts here. The post just got me thinking.

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    Very useful
    Keep them coming please

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    Craig S.

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    Absolutely I do I learned alot from the previous one and look forward to each new post :good:

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    As a relatively new guy to all of this, I find these very useful and talk about the planning aspects with friends. I don’t post solutions because my ideas/solutions are only partial solutions and no concrete plans. They are great for stimulating conversation and brain storming facing scenarios and real world locations that would be hard to do without help.

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    For what it’s worth I think they are great exercises. I’m not well enough versed in writing the plan, as Keeper’s response was, so it becomes a mind exercise for me. Maybe I misunderstood the objective, thinking it was a recon mission with a raid to follow up, at a future date.

    I would not get as close, bearing in mind the equipment OPFOR has at it’s disposal, ie: thermal/NVGs. Also I would anticipate them having local recon of their AO increasing the chances of a meeting engagement that is not called for in the mission.

    Anyhow, I think these things are great. Please continue with them as you have time.

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    I read them, to be honest I’m not terribly familiar with planning operations and I don’t know where to begin, which is why I never posted a response.

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    Have you read Contact and the explanation and Combat Estimate?

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    If the question was addressed to me, I’m on page 411, dismounted satellite patrol. I mostly get the concepts and I am still awed by the numbers of people involved. My, make-do, off the cuff invented, adhoc, real world experiences never had more than two or three people. Not sure if that is a training scar or a it was what it was scar. It would be a treat to do this stuff with motivated, trained people who aren’t scared of the brush/woods. :good:

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    I find the problems very enlightening and thought provoking. Been busy thus I have not had a chance to work on the second problem. I am basing any “solutions” to the problems on the content to Contact and what I have read from the blog/forum.

    Thank you Max for posting these “problems”.

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