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    I have a green light from HH6 to get first AR before the feds or state do something stupid. Based on information gathered from the forum, I am thinking COLT LE 6920. I have seen some that come without butt stock, hand guards and rear sights. I am not the kind of guy who wants to be “building” a gun. Are there versions of the rifle that come with all the furniture or am I going to have to do this piece by piece to get it together?
    My AR platform experience is from 20 years in the Army National Guard, part of that time as an 11B, but I have never had a civilian rifle. Most of my time was before the change to the M4, I have fired the M4 to qualify, but didn’t have any real field experience with it.

    I know there is so much knowledge on this site that I am probably going to be overwhelmed with information! Thanks in advance. HOOAH. B-)

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    The Colt LE6920 comes in basically three flavors.

    Standard Colt LE6920

    Everything you need to start. Optic optional.


    Colt LE6920 OEM1

    Need a Hand Guard/rail, rear Mil-Spec Model adjustable stock, and rear sight. Optic optional.


    Colt LE6920 OEM2

    Need a forward sight, Hand Guard/rail, rear Mil-Spec Model adjustable stock, and rear sight. Optic optional.


    Installing the above is no more difficult than basic maintenance of your AR. It isn’t a build, just assembly on par with a detailed deep field stripping and cleaning.

    The purpose of the OEM models is for consumers who already know that they want different above listed accessories.

    Odds are you will want an optic/red dot at some point. I actually like irons, but my vision makes a red dot a better choice for me.

    The standard Colt LE6920 will provide all you need.

    At some point you may or may not decide on different (Hand Guard/rail, rear Mil-Spec Model adjustable stock, rear sight, optics) once you have more training/experience.

    Shocking as it is to some gun guys, many very experienced users keep a very basic setup with any changes only due to mission requirements.

    Vice obsession with cool guy looks! ;-)

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    I would think most models would have packages that come with pre-existing furniture, although I have seen a trend where this sort of setup gives you the opportunity to get the hardware you prefer, without paying for hardware you don’t. Out of curiosity, where are you looking?

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    If you want off-the-shelf ready, there are these:

    LE6920 – fixed front sight, M4 furniture, Magpul MBUS rear sight. The standard version that Joe mentioned. $700-$800.

    LE6920-MPS – fixed front sight, comes complete with Magpul grip, SL stock, SL handguard, MBUS rear sight. $750-$850.

    LE6920-R – Colt Trooper. Budget version of their Combat Unit Carbine. Free-float Centurion CMR 13″ m-lok rail, standard M4 grip and stock, no front sight (or rear sight). More real estate on the handguard, can run flip up sights for magnified optics. $800-$950.

    Stock is still low due to the Parkland shooting.

    Alternatively, you can buy a complete upper from BCM shipped to your door. I recommend the Enhanced Light Weight with 13″ MCMR KMR Alpha rail. And then slap it onto a complete lower from BCM, Aero, Colt, or Sionics bought through your FFL. No building necessary, avoids the 11% rifle excise tax, and expands your options.

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    Joe nailed it with his post.

    You may not be able to find one in a shop close by. Go to Gunbroker, G&R Tactical or Buds Guns and do some shopping. You can have it shipped to a dealer close to you. You will have to pay a transfer fee.

    I work in a gun shop also. Send me a PM with where you are located and I will try to help you out.

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    The 6920 is a fine rifle. If you can find one, I might also suggest the 6720 (lightweight profile instead of government)

    Edit: Found a couple

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    Matt B - VA

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    Thanks for the input. I have not too much looking yet. Some searching on my phone on the VRE. I planned to reach out to some folks I know who were FFLs, not sure if they still are to see about the transfer when I pull the trigger on a specific one (pun intended).

    Northern VA Area

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    might i also recommend looking at if you are looking for a private sale option.

    I did not see any Colts in my quick scan, but did see a few Daniel Defense.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, @Pinky. I am looking at that now.

    Northern VA Area

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