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Florida Drivers Suck

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    Just saying.

    Heading north to the ice storm and moderately greater sanity. On second thoughts, scratch that.

    :yahoo: B-)

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    There was literal mayhem in my AO yesterday from the storm. I was lucky to make it home.

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Just saying.

    It’s the price we pay to have Tourists pay our Taxes! ;-)

    We thank you for that. B-)

    If you live in Florida, there’s only a little more than a one-in-three chance you were born in this state. In fact, Florida has the second-lowest rate of population made up by native-born residents of that state in the entire nation.

    I believe only 12% of us have any relation to true Crackers that settled Florida.

    There’s a reason I live in the boonies!

    I’ve only been to a big city twice this year, going to town for me is a gas station and small store with a caution light. :yes:

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    All those damn people from up north that moved down there :yahoo:
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    I grew up there. It’s not just the Florida drivers. It’s the unholy mix of everyone else’s bad driving habits collecting in one place.

    You have the retirees who shouldn’t have a license anymore, but AARP fought to prevent the state from testing their eyesight or driving ability in order to renew.

    You’ve got the central and South American bunch who practically dont have driving laws.

    You’ve got the rich New Yorkers coming down for warm weather and bringing their aggressive habits.

    You’ve got the showboats who want to open up the throttle on their toys.

    You get the idea. Everyone is in one place competing for the same road.

    I’ve lived all over the country, and every area has some kind of cultural bad driving habit. Florida is just where everyone else’s bad habits collide.

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

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