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    One of my favorite 357. Mag loads available

    This Fiocchi 142 gr is a hot loaded w/ a muzzle velocity of 1420 fps (which is the speed a good 357 mag load usually does in a 125gr)

    With so much energy (if you calculate it out its about at 41 Mag level) I dont mind its not an HP.

    it doesnt need to be an HP at that energy level to re;liably put a guy down w/ a center mass hit.

    Is there a chance of over-penetration it being FMJ?
    yes but in SHTF environment you don’t worry about that and I like the knowledge that I can reliably shoot thru most walls and even steel doors.

    Also I would not want to be the wearer of soft body armor speced to hollow point 357 Mag such as Level II and Level IIA and be shot at my a hot loaded FMJ 357.

    Also unlike many other hot loads its quite accurate . this build on the strenght of the revolver and enhances the greater engagement envelope of the revolver vs a semi auto loader even more.

    The price is not real low but reasonable (it is 357 Mag after all) and lower than it has been in the recent past and IMO one of the best factory 357 loads out there short of domestic premium loads, which cost twice as much and more.

    I’ve shot about 1200 of this round in the last 24 months.

    Another round w/ even more energy (aluminium frames need not apply) and very penetrative is this 180 gr FMJ Buffalo Bore available at a fair price here:

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    Sounds like it would be a great round to use in a lever action Rossi. I think a 180 gainer would produce some recoil in the Rossi.

    I like it the 125 grain stuff. Still have some that was issued to me when I was in the Border Patrol in the early 80’s. Stuff still goes bang overtime in the 586.

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    Big fan of Fiocchi, (especially in .357). Got tons of it. Good choice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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