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    Not *exactly* a farming thing, but kind of, and it is self-reliance.
    Anyone else here into homebrewing as a self-sufficiency thing, aside from the fun benefits of having lots of alcohol on hand?
    I am finding homebrewing a satisfying hobby with many similar benefits to reloading ammo, on several levels.
    What got me over the hump to go and start trying it was a young girl’s ballet lessons. A friend’s daughter is taking ballet lessons next door to a homebrew store, he got into it with the 3 hours every week he had while taking her to ballet, and now … it’s kind of becoming another go-big-or-go-home hobby like reloading and bullet casting was. But very cool.
    Wine and cider are even easier to make than ale/beer, since it’s all room temperature and there’s no cooking. And in Florida at least, no sales tax on the supplies for it since it’s food and in the eyes of the state, you could be making bread with all that wheat and barley, and they don’t tax food here!

    If nothing else, this strikes me as something that might be handy to know as a bartering skill.

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    You should bring some to our next get together :yes:

    I’ve been meaning to get into home brewing. One of my training partners is into it. He will be at the next get together.

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    Been in and out of it for about 20 years. Still a member of the local brew club. Been looking at this with friends lately.

    Every prepper should have a was to distill water, for sanitary reasons. B-)

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    I just finished my first batch of mead….just in time for Xmas presents. It ended up as dry and sweet, with a decent ABV (I do not know exactly, because I forgot to measure the entire time). Even though honey can be pricey, I think (setup included) I spent about $250 for 3 gallons worth of mead. And it is delicious. :yahoo:

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    I brewed a couple batches and they turned out pretty good. Part of the fun was emptying the Grolsch bottles to refill!! That was many moons ago bit it is on the list to get back to some day.

    I like the distillation for sanitation but fuel can be made too :whistle:

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    If it’s ok with Dennis, I’ll bring some for after the AAR!

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    Bring it.

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