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    A small informal survey here. The background to this is that I have been considering deleting social media. By which I mean FB and IG, retaining YouTube. I despise these platforms and see them as a total waste of time. My only argument and reason for retaining them is the so-called ‘business-marketing’ aspect. Now, no doubt people will jump in here and tell me that I absolutely need these platforms for marketing. That is the received wisdom. Change my mind!

    I don’t see the MVT FB and IG page as generating any kind of significant headway or going ‘viral’ in any way. My question is, with the 2 second attention span of a typical FB user scrolling through memes, does it really make any sort of positive marketing effect? Does anyone decide to come to MVT because of the FB or IG presence?

    Now, this does go deeper. For example, the guy who tried to sell me on the ‘click-funnel’ concept. He was absolutely right. If you have the sort of business that can be sold in this way, then these platforms are great for you. Click-funnel would never work for MVT. It is just the wrong sort of business. Now, if you are selling something low-effort and cool-seeming, like flag-viking-pirate-patriot mugs or t-shirts, or whatever, that is great FB bait.

    That can even go deeper – MVT will never be a big-box store equivalent, because it is a niche business, that requires a certain sort of quality student. It is not the tactical fantasy prevalent out there, and it does not feed egos. It is real, and valuable, and takes work, and as such it is not the thing for most of the weak people out there, who require nothing more than the propping up of false-egos.

    So as I consider this, I would love to simply have the website, the forum, and YouTube for the videos. Just keep it small. Get the word out organically etc. With the books (and hopefully audio books and a new novel coming out over the next year) I also have a presence on Amazon etc.

    So how did you find or become aware of MVT?

    Are you on the MVT social media?

    Does the MVT social media remind you in any way about MVT as you go about day to day? Does this help you?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Found MVT through a family member, utilize the website and forum. On social media in particular FB. I only use it to keep in touch with family, post family pics and updates. I do visit the MVT FB page, but the content hasn’t been updated in a while. I do subscribe to the YouTube channel, enjoyed the videos but those have been lacking as of late (other than the fitness test demo). If anything, I utilize the forum the most which has the best information regarding training, gear, PT, etc.

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    I’m an oldhead on here now, I suppose, I stumbled upon this forum while doing research for a book I never got around to finishing, figured this Max guy doesn’t seem all that bonkers and neither do the rest of the guys here.

    Don’t really follow the MVT Facebook much but the Instagram page is a good way to remind me I need to get my ass to a class, it’s also a good way to advertise additions to training or the facility I wouldn’t really notice through the forums or some obscure page on the website and is usually how I find out when you post a new video on the YouTube page. I do enjoy seeing the updates. Instagram is good but the Facebook posts don’t always pop up on my wall buried underneath all of my other friends’ posts.

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    I found MVT, ironically, through a mention from Mountain Guerrilla. Obviously that was a while ago.

    I will say though, I’ve sent people to, or whipped out my phone, to show people MVT’s instagram MANY times over the past few months.

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    I do not use Facebook or its subsidiary, Instagram, because they are evil, and we have better things to do in life. Don’t take my word for it about the evil claim. Just read about disabled Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage.

    I found MVT through reading your books, which I found via the slightly less evil website. I do wish Bezos would have just stuck to business, and not have purchased WaPo to use as his blog. Oh well. The market rewards those that build a better mousetrap, and certainly is that.

    Max, I know you told me that you don’t want to hear any more “good ideas”. Nonetheless, more cross-branding, as you do with JRH, would seem to be a good idea. Have you considered adding a reciprocal “MVT Reads” section on your page, like ZeroHedge has on the left side of its index page?

    Zero Hedge Reads
    Acting Man
    Ask Brokers
    Boom Bust Blog
    Capitalist Exploits
    China Financial Markets
    Chris Martenson’s Blog
    Contrary Investor
    Daneric’s Elliott Waves
    Dr. Housing Bubble
    ETF Daily News
    ETF Digest
    Financial Revolutionist
    First Rebuttal
    Gains Pains & Capital
    Gold Core
    Guerrilla Capitalism
    Hedge Accordingly
    Investing Contrarian
    Jesse’s Cafe Americain
    Letters From Norway
    Liberty Blitzkrieg
    Market Montage
    Max Keiser
    Mises Institute
    Mish Talk
    Naked Capitalism
    Of Two Minds
    Oil Price
    Peter Schiff
    Quoth The Raven Rsrch
    Rebooting Capitalism
    Shanky’s Tech Blog
    Slope of Hope
    SmartKnowledgeU Blog
    TF Metals Report
    The Automatic Earth
    The Burning Platform
    The Economic Populist
    The Hammerstone Group
    The Vineyard Of The Saker
    Themis Trading
    True Sinews
    Value Walk
    Wolf Street

    Everyone of these sites has a per cent of readership that can appreciate and afford the services and products you offer at MVT. Best of all, this marketing strategy is free!

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    I found MVT through Mountain Guerilla (John Mosby) and/or Mason Dixon Tactical (James Dodge) several years ago. The forum was open and the comments seemed on-point. The forum then went paid (annual fee was less than I spend on coffee in a month) which weeded out the trolls. The forum has recently been opened up with the quality still staying high. (I think Max’s “hammer” wielding appropriately has done a lot for this)

    While I follow MVT on FB, IG, and YouTube, it is here, on the forum, that I check regularly. When I post, it is here.

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    Mike Q

    I found MVT through Mountain Guerilla website. I don’t remember the last time I even looked at that site actually. Several years at least.

    I do know one of the students for the last CQB class found you through Soldier Systems Daily. So your videos there did bring at least 1 student in…

    There never seems to be enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it twice.

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    I found MVT originally through your blog articles. I don’t remember what I was searching for, it was a long time ago, but Google kept recommending your articles in the first page or two.

    I read a lot of your articles, then later worked through the books.

    Also kept seeing MVT pop up in forum discussions.

    Facebook is dying. It’s not really a valuable place to have a presence anymore since your organic reach is practically nothing without paying to play. The only value I still see is in private groups discussions, which you’ve already got with the forum.

    I still get a lot of Facebook traffic to my own site, but that’s from people sharing my articles and I don’t need an actual FB page to facilitate that.

    YouTube is big, though. Visual media like YT and IG are big in online markets right now when used correctly. I think you’ve got a good grasp of YT, and would love to see a lot of your old written articles turned into video format.

    IG doesn’t generate much traffic for most businesses that use it, but it serves as a visual reminder that you’re out there doing stuff and people feel connected to it. I think it’s worth keeping, even if you only do the once or twice a week post with 10-15 hashtags. The gun space is dominated by a few personalities and a lot of gun-bunny types, but that doesn’t mean its useless as just a presence.

    If you are looking for ways to generate more traffic and conversions, YouTube and going back to groom/update/optimize your old blog posts to optomize for search engines are the best paths. You’ve already got the authority in the niche, so it’s about getting your name in front of people for the subjects they are searching for.

    When I run your domain through some online tools, you have a “Domain Authority” of 43, which is quite good in this space. You’ve got over 85k links from 1.2k different websites pointing to you, and you’re “ranking” for 1.1k keywords in Google.

    For a lot of the keywords I assume you want, like “tactical training,” “small unit tactics,” and others, I see you’re showing up on Page 2 of Google result (except for a paid ad I saw on page 1 when searching for “tactical training”). For firearms training, I didn’t see you in the first 6 pages, which means you might as well not be there.

    With the quantity of things you’ve written in the past, I don’t see any reason that you couldn’t boost that content organically to top results and then draw in more eyeballs (and wallets).

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

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    I came across Contact! on Amazon’s site about the time MVT was starting to offer classes (2013?) I was impressed by the books, liked what I saw about the training on the MVT website, and signed up for CRCD which became CTT by the time the class date arrived.

    In trying to get like-minded folks interested, I usually direct them to Contact! when trying to explain what MVT is and does, and why a regular guy/gal might consider it.

    CTT 10-2014, CTT 1504, RnG/CQB/FoF October 2016, 2017 Georgia CTT/DA, DCH 2018.

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    Scott G

    If I remember, I found MVT through the books. I was reading a lot back then. Ended up going to the very first class. Lots has gone on in life and unfortunately havent made it back.

    Northern VA Area

    CRCD #1 Alumnus

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    I found MVT, ironically, through a mention from Mountain Guerrilla. Obviously that was a while ago.

    This is also how I found MVT. Blindly wandering the Internet, found a Mosby forum post that mentioned Max. It was sometime in 2014. I am personally not a fan of social media and don’t use anything but twitter and that is almost 100% work related and I am a consumer not a tweeter.

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    Discovered MVT through the books.

    Social media is a pain-in-the-ass but a necessary one for my businesses. Collectively we have 77k on Insta, 150k on Twitter and 75k on FB. Some facts…

    1. Facebook is dead unless you spend $$ advertising there. Even with that the ROI sucks unless you’re selling physical product. I’d kill it.

    2. Instagram has little value until you reach 10,000 followers. That allows you to create stories with outbound link ability. IG is also dominated by female users so the audience potential is pretty limited for something like MVT. Organic reach is heading south too. Probably a waste of time.

    3. Twitter is a waste of time for business unless you have the ability/interest in Tweeting your opinions several times per day. Have to be super active on it and even then… Not a fit for MVT.

    Your social media inclinations are correct.

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    I think I found it on either Mountain Guerilla or mentioned/linked on Western Rifle Shooters. Don’t remember.

    I don’t do Facebook or Instagram. I “chat” with phone text messages to daughters and co-workers if necessary.

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    I found out about MVT through a guest post on James Rawles’ Survival Blog about 2013 or 2014.
    Have no real use for Faceborg or other social media.

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    Found MVT through Sipsey Street mention via MDT.
    In my own biz, FB has been useless. We have our own blog on website that generates more views than FB. FB is an echo chamber for those already willing to subscribe to the blog.
    I am in the curriculum/TRNG programs to schools/gov space and have found that Instagram isnt even used by most .gov/public users. Our best bet has been simple web presence with some SEO and direct marketing.

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    I found MVT through the Patriot Dawn & Patriot Rising books. The website was listed, then to the forum & signed up for HEAT 1, (CRS), within a month October 2016 I believe. Have been a repeat student since.

    I don’t do FB or IG, or others. Just not for me. I do watch Youtube though.



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    Discovered MVT through the books.

    Social media is a pain-in-the-ass but a necessary one for my businesses. Collectively we have 77k on Insta, 150k on Twitter and 75k on FB. Some facts…

    1. Facebook is dead unless you spend $$ advertising there. Even with that the ROI sucks unless you’re selling physical product. I’d kill it.

    2. Instagram has little value until you reach 10,000 followers. That allows you to create stories with outbound link ability. IG is also dominated by female users so the audience potential is pretty limited for something like MVT.

    2018 stats
    Instagram is used by 31% of American women and 24% of men.
    80% of Instagram users come from outside the U.S.
    68% of Instagram users are Females.

    My personal view of IG is that it is mostly populated by vain insecure and narcisstic people and then the rest are those taking some advantage of the first group. The demographic is younger, the FB exodus by the younger users went to IG and Snapchat and a place called Discord. The biggest crazy is that there is even a thing called an “Instagram Influencer”… these people charge for sponsored posts….up to 100K!!! This drone army is not your customer.

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    The above Mountain Guerilla post is one of the blog articles that mentioned Max as a trainer. I first heard about MVT through Mosby’s blogs and then looked up Max via Google to find the MVT blog and AARs on training.

    The MVT blog posts with the information on tactics, mindset, gear, etc are great. Reading the blog content in my mind are highly influential and the Max talk series are great too. FB and IG are not nearly as important for influence nor enticement to training.

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    We don’t do facebook and have never seen any issues with that. I think it’s time quickly came and past.

    I have clicked on your ig videos linked from your twitter posts but I don’t have an IG account.

    The Max Talk videos were good, but it’s really easy to get burned out on Youtube. Everyone is a know it all critic, people pick apart every damn thing and it’s frustrating as hell- all the while your working to give them FREE info. I haven’t posted a new youtube video in close to five years. Too busy.

    Keep YT, just do it less so you don’t get burned out. No need to spend a lot of effort on FB IMO.
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    Pretty sure it was a simple Google search. Don’t recall the actual search terms (Tactical Training? AR-15 Training?), but I found your site the very day I bought the Colt. Took 1st class (CTT) a couple months later.

    Never had an IG account, hate the fact I have a FB one. Would delete, but one of my kids uses it to communicate with us. Never go on there and haven’t posted in forever. Total Waste of time, IMHO.

    Yes, yes. I know my way around MVT.

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    I found MVT from my friend, @shooter , who invited my to sign up several years ago for the Brady class and I’ve been hooked ever since! I have been limiting my exposure to Facebook and Instagram the last month or so, I’ve also not been on the Forum a lot in the last month as well. Facebook and Instagram are ok, but I get much more out of the Forum and the YouTube videos and of course the Tactical Manual!

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    I was thinking about this more last night.

    I guess the bottom line you need to think about is where is the audience you actually want to reach? All the internet marketing talking heads trying to sell you something will tell you to be all over social media. But the ground truth is that you need to be where your audience is.

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

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    Obviously this thread is a great user survey. But might I suggest you add a simple (must answer?) question on the class sign up page just before the [Send your Booking] button or in/with the “Comment” section.

    For example…

    “To help us better serve the community and focus our marketing efforts, please tell us how you found out about MVT.” Then a short (40 character -ish) fill in the blank or pull down window with all your various marketing avenues.

    Yes, yes. I know my way around MVT.

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    Ok, thanks for this, and keep it going.

    I have deleted the MVT FB business page and group. Well, I actually unpublished the business page so if I need to pop it back up for whatever reason, it is still there.

    IG is still there for photos updates of facility and training.

    I will get back to YouTube when I can.

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    I found MVT via the Mountain Guerrilla blog when I did a google search for SUT training back in 2014 or 15. I never used FB and only joined IG for a short time to support MVT. I no longer have an IG account.

    CTT1504, NODF 1504, CP 1610

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Max that sounds like a reasonable choice.

    Can’t confirm how good IG is for attracting new people, but at the very least it seems like a convenient way to send quick reminders and updates.

    I found MVT through a Blog that no longer exists. This is pre-Romney original blog days.

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    So, my last shout on FB, other than posting yesterday that it was going away, was this morning. Regarding it going away, I posted ways to keep in touch with MVT and links, but I have little faith that the 7K followers will have seen let alone acted on that. I think that other than guys here who also followed FB, most of the followers were of an inactive political sort.

    Anyway, I created and threw up a rare political meme on IG this morning and had it copied also across on FB (meme attached, taxes).

    Some guy pops up calling people dicks, slagging ‘militia types’ and talking ahout how we now have representative government thus stop whining. Wow. FB. I hate it. I enjoyed deleting the page.

    There are enough morons that we don’t have to bring them into our homes and argue with them on our phones!

    Similar feeling to when I stopped with WRSA. Freeing. We should focus on building the whole warrior, let that stand for itself, rather than arguing with morons.

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    I was introduced to MVT by a friend about 5 years ago, probably. I’m pretty sure that he heard of it via Mosby.

    C2G Feb 2015, CTT March 2016, CQB June 2018

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    little faith that the 7K followers will have seen

    Just FYI, I did not see it.

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    …and that’s why Facebook is losing value as a place for businesses

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

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