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    I have found MVT by purchasing your book “Contact”.

    Only social media I am on is IG, and follow MVT on it.
    I like seeing your updates about the facility, classes in progress, funny stuff, etc. on the MVT IG. Overall, it does helps and reminds me of the MVT.

    Dimitri P.

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    I found MVT while google searching carbine courses in Texas. Ive never liked the social media thing, but IG is a great place to find training opportunities and meet people who have similar interests.

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    I think YT pulled me over to your videos Max Talk 007 The MVT Lite Fight concept.

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    I think YT pulled me over to your videos Max Talk 007 The MVT Lite Fight concept.


    I think it was searching for load carriage stuff that led me to MVT’s blog.

    I know you hate gear discussions, Max, but it does draw eyeballs. You’re one of the only ones actually talking about how to carry gear from a position of authority. The fact that you approached it from a philosophical perspective rather than, “go buy this” angle was what sold it.

    That’s why I mentioned your old articles. I could see those doing a lot of good for drawing traffic, especially when paired with a corresponding video.

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    Matt B - VA

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    Western Rifle Shooters. I read it at least once or twice a week.

    In 2013 I went to Mountain Guerilla’s West Virginia class. (Got tired of the Tacti-Cool schools)

    I sucked. Despite scoring 230 on the APFT for 40 year olds, I was ready to throw in the towel by noon on the second/3rd day.

    My response: More PT and more training. MVT was the only school offering professional, relevant training.

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    Searched for training within reasonable driving distance and MVT came up. I had already read Max’s fiction books (and liked them the a lot, Max must have a great editor ;-) , Just kidding) but didn’t know about the training site. Did some research and attended by myself. Agree with comments about FB and IG from other users. The one post about MVT’s Internet search profile was spot on and increasing the search priority for MVT could be helpful along with micro targeting of ads toward individuals most likely to attend MVT (different discussion). In my business we are all about LinkedIN but a different market.

    Left Bob

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    I heard about Max a post from another reader on the Western Rifle Shooters Association blog. This was before MVT had a website up and running yet. I participated in the forums during the free days as MayorQuixote (yeah, I was the guy eating the free chicken). However, about the time the forums went paid some personal issues popped up in my life so I stopped participating. I’ve caught a second wind on preparedness and I want to re-engage.

    Oh, I’m also the guy who gets butt-hurt when Max talks about Crossfit.

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