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How the Warrior Mindset Changed my life.

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    I posted a response yesterday to Max’s post about his journey while recovering from his back surgery.

    But after thinking about it I decided a stand alone post made more sense.

    I’ve never had any serious injuries or surgeries to deal with but was ( and am still technically ) overweight, at best, and extremely obese, at worst, for my entire adult life. But after finding MVT and then later reading your excellent post The Warrior Mindset I realized it was time to make a change.
    I got myself moving, I came to training for RS/CTT Oct 2016 even though I feared being ridiculed for being the “fat prepper guy.” I remember after the final assault of the weekend Max looked at me and as serious as could be, asked if I was “ok.” How embarrassing. I know it wasn’t what Max intended but it stung. I left training invigorated from the instruction and camaraderie but somewhat demoralized due to my lack of physical fitness and body composition. I had started slowly making progress at home in my basement “gym” powerlifting, which helped immensely with that first training session at MVT but it still wasn’t enough. I was lifting weights and trying to improve eating habits but things were still up and down, mostly up on the scale.

    In June of 2017 I participated in the Father’s Day FOF at 317lbs!!! The heaviest I have ever weighed in my life. And I don’t think it was from gaining muscle powerlifting. I felt disgusting. My belly oozed out from under my plate carrier and I sounded like a freight train huffing and puffing during maneuvers. It was mentally demoralizing watching guys around me moving over the MVT hills like elves in Lord of the Rings and feeling as though I was stuck in mud. I was so hindered by my lack of physical fitness Johnnymac was able to walk up directly behind me and eliminate me during one iteration. For fuck’s sake, I wanted to cry! Again I left training feeling built up by those with positive attitudes and words of encouragement but come on, I was the “fat prepper guy.”
    I went to my doctor completely exasperated with myself and my attempts to improve my weight. I was beginning to display prehypertension and I refuse to use pharmaceutical drugs to correct something that I should be able to improve with diet and physical activity. I find that weak and completely contradictory to the Warrior Mindset. My doctor wrote “5:2 Fast Diet” on a prescription slip and handed it to me. His words of wisdom to me were, and my words of wisdom to you are, look this up and try it for 4 weeks and we’ll talk then. It’s not hard to implement but it is difficult to mentally adjust. The willpower and mental toughness I’ve gained from following this eating protocol (it’s not diet a diet, you eat what you want) has changed and saved my life. As Max pointed out diet is often a touchy subject but for an OBESE or overweight person there is only one true answer. STOP EATING SO MUCH FATTY!!! I’m not trying to fat shame but, again, as a guy who has been obese most of his 38 years on Earth, a certain amount of fat shaming (mostly internal dialogue) helped me get my life together. This type of intermittent fasting isn’t new or magical even though a resurgence and mainstream recognition of IF makes it seem so. It’s the simplest “diet” I’ve ever tried. You literally don’t do anything except tough it out and drink lots of water. Lots.

    I went through the 2017 holiday season and started 5:2 January 2, 2018. 15lbs melted away by the end of January! It was tough but I just spent the hardest moments of stomach growling hunger looking at, or thinking, about my 2 sons, my beautiful wife, and the warrior mindset. I want to be their protector always and forever. I have to admit as well, Jocko Willink’s idea of DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM also played a large role in my mindset and my ability to stay on the course.

    So with my warrior mindset and my first real success taming my eating habits I felt like I needed to up my physical training from just a barbell. I had read about Pavel Tsatsouline and Strongfirst (you were right George, Pavel started RKC first), but hadn’t ever thought kettlebells were for me. What a shame it took so long. Dare I say I’ve found my calling. The Strongfirst Principles and methodology for training (not exercising) just clicked. I read Simple and Sinister and started with a 25lb kettlebell, just like Max. Nothing but alternating S+S swings and get-ups and barbell lifting every other morning. Then I bought a $100 Feierdun climbing machine from Amazon, which I’m surprised I didn’t break in half when I was heavier, to get some Tabata training in after KB and BB sessions. The climber is still working for me. I wish I could afford a Versaclimber but my little Chinese made piece of metal is still going just fine. I have bent the footholds though.

    More fat melted away. 8lbs in February. 8lbs in March. 8lbs in April. 11lbs in May. 6lbs in June.

    I was fast approaching CQBC in late June of 2018 and was pumped to show my much thinner and way more handsome face at MVT. It was the biggest ego boost ever when George (we had trained in RS/CCT together) said to me, “Hey, haven’t you lost like a LOT of weight!” Johnnymac didn’t even recognize me. Fuck yeah!!! I left that training weekend more pumped about my mind, body, and spirit then ever before.

    Side Note – CQBC is a must take course ( Ineed to get to it again) and if you haven’t taken it yet you’re wrong and you need to fix yourself or you can “JUST FUCKING QUIT!”.

    Weight loss slowed down during July and August (vacations and traveling) but I didn’t let that slow me down. I actually was in such a great place mentally I was able to say, “fuck that” and got my ass moving in a higher gear. I took my 24kg kettlebell with me to Maine. What a nerd!

    Today I am proud to say that I am down 83lbs since January and am quickly making progress towards one of my longterm goals of losing 100lbs. I weighed in this morning (which I do daily and can explain why later if you really care) at 225lbs. Again, dare I scream “FUCK YEAH!”

    I’ve crushed every goal I have set both dietary and in physical training over the past year. My current weight goal is 200lbs with a long term goal of 180lbs.

    Another Side Note – I’m thinking of enlisting in the WV ANG in Martinsburg, hence the 180lb goal, and my 39th bday is July 6 so the clock is ticking to be able to make age/weight/height requirements. Any feedback is appreciated about this idea from current and former soldiers.

    I’ve achieved the Simple goal of S+S and am currently saving money to buy a 32kg kettlebell to work towards the Sinister goal. I pulled back on most of my barbell training but have recently finished a Daily Dose of Deadlift program designed by a Strongfirst instructor and lifted a new PR this morning of 315lbs. My goal is 2x bodyweight. I’m thinking I may begin to rotate in more bodyweight training and other barbell movements as well to help with meeting my ultimate physical fitness goal, 1 pull-up. I’ve never done a pull-up in my life. And I plan to before my 40th birthday!

    I’m also very interested in becoming a Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor and will begin training for that moving towards a certification in Philly in June. One hugely, unexpected change in my outlook on life and physical fitness is this fire in my much smaller belly to help others who are paralyzed by their obesity. I’m studying to become a personal trainer and I want to focus on using kettlebell and bodyweight training to help people get stronger and leaner and I hope to instill in them the same Warrior Mindset that Max instilled in me.

    God bless and Praise Jesus!!!

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    Heath Plumb
    Baltimore MD
    RS/CTT 11/2016, CQBI/FOF 6/2017 - Team Deplorables, MVT Fitness Challenge, CQBC 6/2018

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    - Frederick Douglas

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    Good job brother. :yahoo:

    Keep at it.

    Support Side. Not flattering but better than weak side.

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    Virgil Kane

    Heath, that is a great story and motivating. Good job.

    Masters II
    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
    October 2017 MVT South - CTT/DA
    March 2018 DCH

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    FUCK YEAH. I remember you from CQB man. Killer job putting yourself on the right trajectory. Hold the line! Maintain Discipline!

    Baptême du feu
    L'appel du vide

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    Outstanding. We got to speak in person about your (dare I say?) transformation at CQBC, but I’m glad you shared it on the forum.

    I’ve always found success breeds success. Keep on trucking brother!

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    Awesome Brother!!! Having been down that same route I can tell you – You will NEVER regret the sacrifices you make for a short period of time to achieve your goals!

    RMP, TC3, NODF, CRCD 6/14, CP 9/14. NODF, Land Nav, 6/15. Rifleman Challenge 9/15- Vanguard. FOFtactics 3/16, 10/16, 11/16, 6/17,11/17 CTT, 6/15, 11/16, , LRMC-1 9/17 GA Mobile CTT and DA 10/16, GA mobile DCH 3/18, HEAT1 3/18 Alum weekend 8/18, Opfor CLC 10/18, DA 11/18 CQBC 12/18

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    Lucky man to have a doctor who didn’t insist to put you on his kickback from pharma program. Mine was astonished to see my bloodwork improve by just cutting back on the fast carbs.

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    Hell yes Battle Buddy! Awesome to hear your progress and thank you for sharing your story. For the record I was honored to have you as my battle buddy at that first CTT. I would take you over many other people just based on your personality and drive.

    I took lots of notes :mail:

    Looking forward to training with you again and keep at it!



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    Sam Brady

    Inspirational to say the least!

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    @heathplumb Congratulations!!! That’s awesome! I trained with you at CQBC but had no idea you were on this journey. Keep it up!

    C2G Feb 2015, CTT March 2016, CQB June 2018

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