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Local VBIED?

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    In my AO this past weekend a car was obliterated with 3 PAX inside. Interesting/disturbing to say the least.

    News coverage with post-incident video:

    Update: 3 dead
    Update: 2 are a father and infant son

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    I don’t see any major cratering or high velocity shrapnel in the brief overhead view in linked videos. Hardly conclusive given the brief view.

    My initial impression is something more incendiary in nature or a small device targeting fuel tank.

    Not enough information available.

    Hopefully a isolated event, but we’ll see what the investigation shows.

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    They still operate in the area.

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    I saw that article. They didn’t say much. I wondered.

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    For anyone curious, it appears that it was a mentally ill father who made an explosive device purposely, to kill himself, his 2mo. old infant son, and 66 yr old acquaintance/friend.


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    Oh. Same AO. Friend of mine is a EMT out there. Said it was messy. There are pics of a severed and mangled hand laying in the street floating around on FB.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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