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Max Talk 031: How To React To Enemy Contact

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    “guys, this is not a competition” …that was a pretty crucial line for those in the audience who don’t have any training

    New camera? It looks good.

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    I’ve practiced this out on my small farm but since I am a bit on a budget I have used my S&W MP-1522.

    Anyway thanks great looking video.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this video! Demo’s were great. Gotta say I got a good chuckle out of the whistle walk, la la la, “fuck” and roll into RTR! LOL that was great! Seriously, videos are coming along great, been sharing the hell out of them! :good:

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    Good stuff! I’ve been sharing these on instagram alot.

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    Gotta say I got a good chuckle out of the whistle walk, la la la, “fuck” and roll into RTR! LOL that was great!

    Wasn’t expecting that Condition White mockery, that was hilarious. Would have been a great opening hook to the video too. Really good advice on the nuances to RTR’ing in this vid, and all the vids actually. Noticed the jump in video and audio quality on this too and the SOR Rig vid. Video quality can be mesmerizing and hold attention if done right and this is that. Been sharing where I can, hopefully the view momentum keeps building.

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    Great video relly liked the head, body, gun demo.

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    As a visual learner, these are helping a LOT!!

    Sharing again on FB.

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    @max, great video. Sharing far and wide.

    I am tempted now to post a video [IG] I made of my kids a year or so ago doing RTR drills, which of course I learned from you. It Probably trigger some people with a 10yr calling contact for a 12yr old. :good: To me it shows that even second generation knowledge is transmitted in a way that means something. Someday soon they will get it first hand.

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