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Max Video: Professional Training Rifle: KWA / PTS MEGA ARMS MKM AR-15

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    watched it today

    No jamming
    cheaper to shoot
    same FPS as UTM

    might have to get rid of my of my UTM bolt and ammo and get a KWA from Max

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    Watched the video last night, gotta say I was really impressed with how much KWA made that rifle look and operate like the real thing. I’m used to seeing airsoft guns that sound like toys. Seems like Max really thought this one through, nice pick.

    If I had the cash, sounds like it would be a neat investment for training, but I’m finally catching up on my bills and need to finish my real AR first. :scratch:

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    December is coming!!

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    Average Joe

    So glad this is now acceptable at MVT.

    There are a whole lot of airsim things that can be added to any event based upon possible scenarios. Things like Taginn rounds for m203, grenades, smoke grenades and even mines can offer different types of threats to utilize or deal with in training.

    Y’all have a nice day.

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    Gonna have to start working a second job to pay for all of the gear and goodies I want to buy.

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    The military was using the airsoft “mines” during E&E training to simulate booby traps a few years back. It worked, and was cheaper and safer than other options. That talcum powder gets everywhere though…

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    We started using AEG Airsoft about a year ago for training. We don’t have access to a suitable range for live fire. It works great in a cqb environment and for many transition drills etc.

    I do believe we made a mistake going with AEG. I think we will be transitioning to GBB. I recently picked up the Uramex Glock 17 in GBB and while it doesn’t have exactly the same weight I am pretty impressed. I think this is a great move for training. It’s cool to see someone of Max’s caliber endorsing it too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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