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    I posted previously in Concealed Carry Confessions.

    As my back begins to improve and I have started to lose the fatness post-surgery, I managed to get from my OWB back to my IWB. Now it is summer and I was up to something with the kids, at a swim place, wearing swim trunks. We drove back and decided to stop at a local park and let the kids ride their bikes. Although the park is popular and busy, the parking lot has a bit of a reputation, drug deals and the like. Haning been at the theme park I had returned ‘truck carrying’ but was not about to walk around the park with nothing concealed, also given the two unsavory characters we saw in the parking lot. So guess what, I Mexican carried my Glock 26 appendix in the waist band of my swim trunks. T-shirt on obviously….fully expecting to blow my right nut off at any moment.

    That is not the confession. This got me thinking. So I purchased a belly band and started wearing it. I loved it. I have never managed to carry appendix with any of the kydex contraptions on the market. The belly band was independent of my pants. I would wrap it so the top of it was about equal with the top of my underpants. I had my Glock appendix carried, with just the grip poking out above my belt, with a spare mag right under my pants button. Very comfortable and more concealable than my usual 4 o’clock carry.

    But of course the Glock 26, with its trigger safety, was simply in a stretched tight elastic holster on the belly band. Ans the little retaining clip was a no-go because to release it would probably get me killed in an incident.

    So I looked into it and now I am sitting here wearing my Crossbreed Belly Band. This thing is sweet. It comes with a detachable independent kydex holster for my Glock. You put on the band and it has a spare bit of elastic, you simply stick the velcro on the back of the kydex to Velcro on the front of the band, then wrap the reaming bit of band over top and velcro it. You order the kydex holster with the band and also have to order one or two similarly designed mag holders, if you want mags in the band also.

    So when you take off the band, you just pull the gun off still inside the kydex holster, which is genius for safety. Similarly you have the Glock holstered when you put the holster on the band and do that final wrap. I love the fact that the band is independent of any pants belt, and can be worn without a pants belt in any sort of clothing. I suspect belly bands are not cool in the ‘industry’ where they are simply trying to sell you the latest cool-guy kydex holster. Hence the confession.

    Crossbreed Belly Band

    For me, this is comfortable, concealable and has mitigated safety concerns with belly bands and carrying appendix – you need decent kydex around the gun. The only thing I did not like was that I felt that the kydex needed more retention where it held the trigger guard of the Glock. Needed to be tighter. So I took a hairdryer and the end of a hair brush, heated up the kydex and pushed the plastic in a bit more with the unloaded glock inserted.

    I discussed this carry system with Scott. We both feel that we will not be changing any policies for safety or types of holsters acceptable on the DCH. I would not use this on the DCH. I would use IWB or OWB at the 3 – 4 o’clock position. For those who will talk muscle memory, I know where I am carrying my gun, and you should too. You should practice appendix draws dry fire, hip draws at the DCH. I am not suddenly against 3-4 o’clock carry, I am just running with a new system that I am happy with. I still hip carry on my BB and this will not change, so I know to draw from wherever my handgun is.

    In fact the last time I fired a handgun in anger was that incident with my sheep and the two dogs. I was front carrying in a fanny pack and I had no trouble unzipping it, drawing and shooting / hitting two dogs running right at my wife, time being of the essence. And I do not normally carry like that. One thing I was impressed with was footage of a gas station robbery where the victim was walking back to his car with the bad guys behind him, and due to carrying appendix, he was able to subtly draw unnoticed and get rounds on the guys robbing him. Something to think about. Perhaps a little more difficult at that angle with a hip carry?

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    Good write-up. Will look into this. Right here in Missouri too.
    Thanks for the link Max.

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    I just got the unity tactical clutch belt to wear as my “lazy sunday” rig. I was actually thinking of posting a review here. Perfect for those days you’re in sweatpants all day, on way to or from workout, day at beach or pool. Same concept as Max.

    CLUTCH Belt

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    Appendix carry has a lot of advantages. That being said, I would not allow that in a public class.

    Unfortunately people do stupid shit more with handguns, and appendix carry is an unnatural thing for most gun owners. I hesitate to say it’s an “advanced technique”, but learning to do appendix work correctly is kind of advanced.

    The biggest advantage IMO is more of a concealed drawstroke. People don’t realize how big the “triangle” is when they attempt to draw from a normal side of hip carry. Elbows flared, looks like a triangle from the side. Huge flag.

    You can negate this with a slight drop step, but too often people get really “rigid” with their body when they have a weapon in their hand. Remember you can move the gun around your body, but you can also move your body around the gun. Best to try that with a blue gun or dry pistol first.

    Appendix really shines on ground work. I have an old youtube video up somewhere showing that. From a combatives perspective, any time your elbow gets flared out from your body, someone can abuse you :) Whether it’s throwing blows empty handed, or flaring your elbows with a knife or pistol in your hand, or doing the notorious “chicken wing” with a rifle. On the ground once the elbows are flared out from the body you lose some power, control and open yourself to a boatload of bad stuff. Your weapon draw gets restricted. Again, refer back to most people becoming “rigid” as soon as you put a firearm in their hand.

    Anywhoo, sorry for the ramble.

    Nothing wrong with mexi carry or appendix from a CCW perspective.
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    Virgil Kane

    Thank you for the review, Max. I’ve been struggling with an Appendix IWB for awhile. I have a Crossbreed on order.

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    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
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    I ran into the same issue of how to carry when not wearing clothing that accommodates a belt. My wife and I will take the dogs for a walk or make a quick run to the store when I’m still in my workout attire- sometimes still slightly sweaty. No way am I changing for a 15-30 minute outing. The belly band just makes sense for those situations, I just look at it as a stop gap, not a primary carry method.

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    Sam Brady

    I have carried appendix for years with no issues. Recently I have switched to a leather holster manufactured by SOB Tactical. SGM McPhee’s design. I dont like using a clip but this one is very sturdy. Leather is more comfortable than plastic.

    At some point I will replace the clip with kydex snaps…but for now this is working very well and can be easily shifted to the hip if necessary.

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    I have a belly band as well, not one with Kydex but the old school kind. I also have a SmartCarry. Neither is the best choice 100% of the time but with these as options, I am able to be armed in more situations than I would be able to be with traditional methods.
    Glad to hear your back is healing up Max.

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    D Close

    I mitigate the AIWB risk by doing lots of dry fire draws and almost no live draws. I will look into this holster. Thanks Max.

    The only easy day was yesterday

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    I had an appendectomy. Does that mean I am prohibited from appendix carry? :wacko:

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Does that mean I am prohibited from appendix carry?

    Yes! ;-)

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    Thanks for confessing. I’ve been looking to upgrade my 5 year old belly band and this is very timely. I already have three Crossbreed modular holsters for my M&Ps I use for the bedside, or in a couple packs that have dedicated CCW pockets. I had no idea they had a belly band that incorporated that holster. Why didn’t I think of that?

    If you must Mexican carry, at least use a Raven Concealment VanGuard 1 or 2.

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    I had an appendectomy. Does that mean I am prohibited from appendix carry? :wacko:

    It means you should’ve practiced your draw with an empty gun ! ;-)



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    Not following the several caveats on the belly band kydex appendix carry. I have not run into a downside yet, and until I do, it is my primary means of carry. The belly band itself looks a little like a back brace, and I have so far had several public changing /minimal privacy situations where I have not worried about the IWB visible in my jeans.

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    Very interesting……

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    I had an appendectomy. Does that mean I am prohibited from appendix carry? :wacko:

    In that case it is called “North of Nuts” carry

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    Have you walked some miles in it (eg 5 mile hike)? Or maybe run a class with it on.

    How loud is the draw out of the Kydex?

    Doesn’t look like cb makes an all leather option with the Velcro hook backing. Quiet draws can be an added advantage.

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