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    Not going to argue with you since you hold the power ;-)

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Moved from Gun bans: What does non-compliance look like?

    Almost forgot to address this comment…

    My solution is still the same and has been a slow progress but still moving forward…I know it’s been vilified on here so won’t bring it up again…


    v. To make vicious and defamatory statements about. See Synonyms at malign.

    At no time has any comment posted by you been vilified!

    However what has happened is your repeated attempts to push your chosen path as the only viable option.

    While this was accepted as one of many options available, you continued to berate us to accept as dogma your path.

    Such actions are not acceptable on this Forum.

    Hence the reason for moderation of a few of your posts in the past.

    Such moderation will not be necessary if you follow the accepted behavioural norms established at MVT.

    You are free to start your own Threads and express your opinions, but you can not expect everyone to except your opinions as fact.

    Disagreements with your opinions are not attacks, just a legitimate difference in point of view.

    Should you desire to discuss this side topic further start a separate Thread.

    Remember we will not tolerate arguing for the sake of arguing with nothing constructive added. On occasion the best we can accomplish is to agree to disagree. ;-)

    You are free to start your own Threads and express your opinions…

    Should you desire to discuss this side topic further start a separate Thread.

    Moved, bolded, and quoted!

    Here’s your Thread!


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    Lineman- is this in regards to you pushing the Tri States Philosophy? You might call it “Rawles” idea of “the redoubt” now, but people that have been around for a while remember when William Johnstone (author of some shitty post apoc fiction stories “Out of the Ashes”) first came up with that idea. So first and foremost, it’s not Rawles idea, secondly it’s not at all new.

    One could argue that the concept goes even further back then that. I collect old survivalist literature and books going back to the 1940’s. “Get thee into the high mountain” referenced this concept and was written in the 1950’s.

    As Soloman said “there is nothing new under the sun. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” Essentially means there is no “new” ideas and it’s all about pride and ego. Like pulling an old crappy idea from a 1980’s survival fiction story, renaming it and claiming it as your own, that kind of vanity.

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Lineman there is nothing wrong about your chosen plan/path, it is as sound as many out there.

    However as discussed in detail in the past, others have chosen a different plan/path for a variety of reasons.

    As Robert has pointed out this is not new, particularly for those involved for many decades. Though Rawles made it far more mainstream.

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    The basic gist of both the northwestern and Appalachian redoubts is access to mountainous terrain as a refuge in hard times, that’s basically something that goes back to time immemorial. So in that respect it’s sound as a last resort, but I wouldn’t reset my whole life here and now for it, even if I had the means, which I don’t.

    Probably the biggest arguments I can think of in favor for such an undertaking would be for purposes of building up rapport with a local population so you and your group can establish legitimacy post-event and establishing supply networks so you don’t have to create them on-the-job. Still a hell of a leap, though.

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