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Moved: Question about Operating with Untrained People

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    From a beginning about training fudds with bolt guns, to which you got the real answer, I too am not sure what you are about here. One of the issues is that you have not taken an MVT SUT class and this simply do not know what the alumni here are telling you.

    All these scenarios with different types of veterans and millions that need to be trained?

    No one knows what the collapse will look like. The information being presented to you is that people need to be training now. You cannot operate with untrained people, it is a liability. When SHTF, guys who are trained will primarily be responsible for their families – because most here themselves do not have a CUTT to be part of.

    No one has a responsibility to millions of other people who never got training. They only have a responsibility to their family, and to NOW try and find a group of SUT trained and motivated people to be part of.

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    Thanks, I agree with you that people need to be trained NOW. And little by little this person is doing that.

    As you mentioned at the beginning, this subject has value. It is a subject I have been interested in ever since the LA Riots; when the fires were getting closer and closer to my neighborhood. I have no agenda; just an interest in the topic.

    In any case; I think I fully understand the consensus on this subject and I appreciate everyone’s responses.

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    oooh nice thread

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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