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Movie Review: The Free State of Jones

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    Ronald Beal

    Yesterday the wife and I went to see the new movie “The Free State of Jones”.
    Set towards the end of the war of Northern Aggression (U.S. Civil War) and the reconstruction afterwards, the movie follows Newton Knight, and his fight against the establishment. While some of the movies politics are flavored with a modern liberal bent, we witness Mr. Knight execute a textbook unconventional/guerrilla/4th generation defiance. From using terrain to weaken the enemy, avoiding them where they are strong, gaining and maintaining support of the local populace, and leveraging that into victory.
    It may not be worth the price of a movie ticket, but is definitely worth putting on the watchlist for bargain bin DVD’s HBO, or Netflix.


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    Here is a link to Smithsonian that gives a bit of history to that.

    With all the race baiting, anti confederate crap going on right now, I cynically wonder why the movie was made and released at this time. meh
    I’ll just keep my money and fly my confederate battle flag.

    Also, my great great grandfather and 2 uncles fought in the 3rd Louisiana Infantry regiment during civil war, in battles of Iuka, MS and Corinth, MS. My great great grandfather was wounded at Iuka. They were all captured at Vicksburg, MS. So yeah, Ill keep my money.

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    Craig S.

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    I watched it last night

    The overall message was the Confederacy was Nazi Germany….with a few good Germans who fought against the Nazis being celebrated. The “Rebs” stole from the people, and generally were tyrants against their own people. The ruling class were the tormentors against the oppressed southern people.

    The best part of the movie however, was when the hero brought a bunch of blacks into town to cast their first vote. The whole town was democrat and they were Republican. That message got out loud and clear.

    If the modern blacks can hear that message, then it is worth while. Otherwise it was typical liberal anti-southern dribble.

    Very interesting at the beginning and then very slow toward the end. Not worth seeing twice.

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    I have no disagreement with what was written above regarding the movie, it was a bit plodding and the director/producers did keep the American PC crowd and their feelings in mind. Oh well, that’s all movies these days. Reflecting on the title and the movie and the lead actor in the movie, the final shot in the movie was a picture of the real Newt Knight, focusing on his eyes and fading out. The movie poster on the way out was an up close shot of the lead, highlighting the eyes, and even having M. McConihiegh(spelling) as the lead, though liberal in some ways, he does live outside the Hollywood bubble and is a pretty independent thinker. The subversive stream that runs through the entire movie is that liberty is a state of mind, liberty is a positive loving force, liberty can be had anywhere, liberty is yours, liberty requires a spine, liberty is not easy, real men and women love liberty, liberty and her cousin justice can truly be color blind when men and women know right and wrong. In order for liberty to flourish, there are going to multiple times in the life of any person where they will have to be wiling to lay down their life or do the hard thing in order for Lady Liberty to walk freely.

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