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    Vision: The MVT Forum is a platform dedicated to providing constructive discussion and training on all matters tactical and related for the rational armed citizen. We do this while remaining free from dogma, or falling into narrow thinking. We apply an open minded, analytical and constructive approach.

    Intent: To educate and train armed citizens in the correct ways to conduct tactics, make decisions, thereby increasing survivability and effectiveness of trained civilians when facing tactical threats. The primary focus s of the forum is the development of tactical knowledge and excellence.

    MVT supports and actively promotes the Whole Warrior concept to include: physical fitness, skill at arms, tactical training, teamwork, communication, decision making, leadership and performance under pressure. It is the goal of the information and training provided by MVT to support the development of the Warrior Mindset in proactive armed citizens.

    To avoid: narrow thinking, civil disorder against legitimate government, terrorist threats, and radical political agendas. Legitimacy is imperative. Acceptable: discussions on Liberty and threats to it, societal collapse, and fighting potential enemies foreign or domestic. Resistance to threats of tyranny, foreign invasion or the like. Unacceptable: unlawful / illegal activities, civil disorder.

    The Max Velocity Tactical Forum has a long history of rational, civil, constructive discussions. This forum is exceptional for this fact, and we will maintain the high standard of conduct.

    We strongly support Rightful Liberty, and we are happy to discuss legitimate concerns or threats to it. We will assess events based on gathered facts, vice propaganda. We will not tolerate irrational hate filled rhetoric. We judge people’s actions with a rational review of available facts, not emotion.

    While we support the ideals represented by the First Amendment, you do not have such an unrestricted Right here on the MVT Forum, a privately owned site.

    The intentional Trolling, Baiting, or Flaming of other members will result in an initial warning, if the warning is ignored you will be banned.

    Do not feed the “Trolls” and be sucked into such a unproductive exchange that is disguised as a discussion.

    If you believe you’ve been intentionally insulted, try assuming it was not intentional until proven otherwise. Try calmly discussing it with the person. Most of the time it is a miscommunication vice a insult.

    We have male and female members, so we will not tolerate sexual innuendo or worse.

    If two Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are having a disagreement, take it to a PM until resolved to avoid heated exchanges that take-away from our purpose.

    Constructive disagreement is fine, but arguing for the sake of arguing with no progress is not.

    Moderators are the final arbiter of disagreements or banning someone.
    Moderators will PM the individual if they hide/edit their post.

    On the other hand if your post disappears Do not assume you have been moderated! On occasion our spam filters have hidden a legitimate Thread/Post. If your Thread/Post disappears PM a Moderator for assistance.

    Check out the older threads, on the MVT Forum there is no such thing as a dead thread! Always something to update, clarify, expound on.
    Get involved. Don’t just lurk here, we have an abundance of SME’s with vast knowledge and experience.

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    agreed! :good:

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    Thanks for this Max. I’ve read your books and view your videos. Looking forward to bouncing some of my thoughts and ideas off like-minded people. If you were closer we’d already have done a class…maybe 2019 :good:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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