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MVT Functional Fitness Prereq Beta Test

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    Johnnymac is currently working on the details of the new fitness prereq. We plan to run a beta test of this to nail down the details this Friday morning before CQBC. So anyone who is at CQBC who wants to participate is welcome.

    This is designed to be a shuttle style test that can take place on the flat range. The great news is that we will actually be able to run this test at class, so no more pencil whipping the prereqs. We will publish / video it once it is complete so people can train to make sure they can do it.

    It will probably not last longer than 10 minutes and will be a series of shuttle ‘runs’ or jogs incorporating functional movements such as burpees, lunges, farmer carries etc. The focus will be on correct form and completing the test within a certain time, which will not be hard. It is simply designed to make sure you are functionally capable to be safe on the ranges.

    Loads will be sandbags and we are working on the right weight to use for loaded lunges and carries. There will also be certain alternatives, within functional reason and purpose of the prereq, for those with specifically limiting injuries.

    Burpees and lunges are functionally closest to representing taking cover to the prone and kneeling positions.

    Bottom line is that you need a certain amount of functional fitness for tactical training, and to think otherwise is kidding yourself.

    Johnnymac is also now the official MVT PTI (Physical Training Instructor).

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    This sounds interesting and am looking forward to seeing the results! :good:

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    I’m certainly curious what’s coming. Rob Shaul, who runs the MTI fitness center out in Wyoming once suggested a shuttle run test as well for tactical fitness.

    His version included loaded plate carriers and dropping to low push-up position at each end of the distance. So the test was to start with chest on ground, pop up and run 25 yards, get back down, then get up and run back.

    Score was based on how many reps you could do in time allotted.

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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