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New Kind Of TQ

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    Found this while browsing. What do those of you with experience think? Too thin? Seems like it might be nice as least as a backup or extra to a CAT or SOFTT-W because of the compactness.

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    I’d read the studies on it, some of which state that the RATS is ineffective at arterial critical haemorrhage control. Personally I’d go SOFTT-W all the way. Or the newer generation CATs. There’s also the argument of the SWAT-T, don’t mind it but still prefer SOFTT-W/CAT.

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    This is kinda like the AK vs AR debate.
    They all work. Some work better, some work different.
    I have never used a RATS IRL but I have played around with it.
    Like every other TQ, it will work.

    One thing you may want to consider is that the RATS works on the same principle as the TK4 and it can be had for 4.99$.
    Good chance you won’t be using it on yourself. Does everyone around you know how to use it?.
    Anyway it is the ak vs ar debate and it is more important to have one. Otherwise not worth arguing over.
    I carry the CAT-T as it is the standard, but it wouldn’t bother me if my IFAK came with a RAT in it.

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    ^^^^What he said. As long as everybody around you knows how to use it, no worries.

    The shop I work in got a bunch of USMC IFAK’s in and they all had the RATS TQ, all the ARMY IFAK’s have the CAT. So they are out there, just not as common as the CAT. I carry a CAT as part of my EDC. When I have my kit on, I have three CAT’s and on SOFFT-W.

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    This one is very new.

    Saw and practiced with some recently and liked it. Uses a ski binding ratchet instead of windlass.

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    This one is very new.

    Saw and practiced with some recently and liked it. Uses a ski binding ratchet instead of windlass.

    That’s actually pretty nifty! I have a stash of CATs right now, but I may consider this one in the future.

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