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NSWC-Crane Mid-Length Gas System Testing

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    SSD recently had an article highlighting some of the initial results from Crane on the side-by-side testing of carbine gas systems vs mid length gas systems.

    The results are in favor of the midlength system.

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    I am a fan of the Colt Combat Unit carbine (LE6960-CCU) and this adds to that impression.

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    I picked up a Colt 6960-CCU last year. It’s my go to rifle and can’t say enough positive things about it.

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    This is just another example of the government taking years to confirm what the private sector has know for a long Long time. Midlength has been know to be more reliable than carbine for at LEAST the last 12 years.

    I still like a much shorter barrel though.

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    Not the other Aaron's in this industry!

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    Oh damn, I’m building my AR as carbine length.

    Pretty much got everything except the gas block, barrel and sights, still catching up on bills, though I did just get the gas tube out of the way.

    Guess I can always build another upper once I finish this one.

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    The most expensive part is the barrel. Simply buy a mid length barrel. Buy a new gas tube – they’re only 12 bucks, a new spring and buffer will only cost another 40$. Double check your spring and buffer and make sure they are actually for carbine length. Did you buy a lower parts kit? If so which one did you get?

    You’re only out a little over $50 assuming your buffer and spring are wrong.

    There never seems to be enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it twice.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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