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    A very interesting read.


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    Yeah, I think the author is pretty much on point.

    In the article, he mentions that civil war would not be like what many people envision/romanticize.

    In my mind, and recent history reveals, a general armed conflict would invite foreign powers to “peace keep” or support the “legitimate side”. In other words, I think many people get stuck thinking about a civil war being American vs American, when I think in reality, it’s far murkier, with foreign intervention/meddling almost a given.

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    Nice article find max.

    The naivety of 3pers… Since they are so well versed in history I am sure they were aware of the French, Spanish, and Dutch support for the rebels as well as the German Landgraves who sent mercs over to fight the rebels during the American revolution. Now during the civil war… we had the British, French, Dutch, Mexico and Russian all getting involved.

    If there was a hot war I can easily see the EU, Israel, China and Russia getting involved be it providing materials, financing or even soldiers (supplied as Mercs or actual military personnel). Just look at the mess in Syria, bring that here… not as romantic as many might fantasize about.

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    He only barely mentions the actual battlespaces of hybrid war. In no particular order I see them as:

    (creating “narratives” and using confirmation bias to reinforce them)

    (Work, banking, community participation/gov at the local & state level)

    (We haven’t seen brawls yet, but it’s coming close. And then there are 17 intel agencies… and whatever all they’re actually engaged in domestically… Dem “resistance” and RINO “appeasement” in an attempt to delegitimize an elected Prez… all seem very, very close to outright hostilities.)

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    I predict the coming “Event” will be unlike most speculation other than exceedingly horrific!

    No one is ready for this.

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    Skimmed the article simply because I have read thousands of the same written with the same conservative assumptions. Wake me when a “conservative” mentions legitimacy and consent, CONs exist to legitimize the State/Government Industrial Complex.

    We can talk tough about gunz all we want but remember all those governments that have fallen in our lifetimes? It was all about legitimacy and consent, not masses of semi-auto rifles.

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    Wake me when a “conservative” mentions legitimacy and consent

    Cheers to that.

    Baptême du feu
    L'appel du vide

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    It was all about legitimacy and consent

    This is exactly what governments rely on (and a reasonable level of trust).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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