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    This squat rack is 10% off, at $197/$215 shipped via amazon (prime shipping available), it’s a great deal.

    This provides you with a pullup bar and worry free lifting on your own (IE no spotter).

    I’ve been using an older, nearly identical one for about 6 years. It’s well worth the investment. I would definitely go for the 7′ one if you can.

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    @johnnymac That is just what I’ve been looking for! I’ll take a look, thanks for posting!! :yahoo:

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    Not to take anything away from johnnymac’s idea, I was severely cash strapped when I started and got this one for $100 less:

    For safety spotting during squats I got a pair of these Home Depot adjustable saw horses and sat a slab of 2×4 on top.

    Saw horses come out only for squats and are out of the way the rest of the time. “Trailer Park” for sure but it’s another idea…

    Edit to add: The CAP rack I got only holds up to 300 pounds while jm’s is 500+. Mine is plenty for a sissy like me but you’ll outgrow it if you get seriously strong.

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    Although the chances of a mishap are very small with (properly rated) sawhorses, that setup is a shortcut that could lead to catastrophe. Just imagine failing a max squat in stunning fashion, and as your body starts to crumple, you lean to the side and a sawhorse slides/tips/etc. Bad news

    It’s a piece of safety gear. I’d sooner recommend zercher squats or front squats if you don’t have a power rack or spotter. At least those you can more safely ditch the weight (bumper plates help reduce impact with ground in this situation too).

    It’s not likely to result in immediate death, but I have to discourage it. Just like we aren’t lax on safety on the live fire ranges.

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    Being able to ditch any lift you attempt safely regardless of the equipment available is critical to being able to train without breaking yourself. This is super important for things like cleans that don’t lend themselves to being done in a powercage. It also matters if you travel a lot.

    Even if you have a cage or safety bars that can catch a missed lift, you need to be able to drop the bar and get out from under it without them. The technique is the same no matter if you are dropping the bar to the ground or to safety bars.

    If a lift is too heavy to bail out of, it is too heavy to try lifting (for all but the biggest strongest of professional monsters).

    This advice does not hold for the benchpress. But I like the strict press more. It’s cheaper!

    A portion of the typos in the above message might be my phone, the rest are just me.

    I have been wrong before...

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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