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Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun March 2018: Jon R T

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    Defensive Concealed Handgun March 3/4 2018: Jon R T

    If you have a CCW permit, take this class.  When you really need a weapon, CCW holders usually (hopefully) have a handgun available.  Since your handgun is most likely going to be the tool used an emergency, becoming reasonably competent with your handgun should be a top priority.

    Scott was a great instructor.  Not only did he teach us the “how to shoot”, he also told us the “why this is a good way to shoot”.  So much information was presented and absorbed in the two days that I am still digesting it at this point.  Don’t think that you have too much experience or training to take this class.  I have had a CCW permit for many 23 years and have had other classes and such; however, the value and volume of quality instruction was far greater than the price of admission.

    Day 1:  Consisted of a morning safety brief and discussion.  Equipment was discussed and displayed.  The value of having first aid training and supplies was discussed.  Holsters, magazine pouches, training vs carry magazines, gun types for difference circumstances, clothing, maintenance, etc. were discussed.  This classroom discussion was extremely enlightening for me.

    We followed this with firing line range work.  All the activities were led by Scott including demonstration (dry and live) then follow through by the students.  The instructions and reasoning behind every drill and firing exercise was clearly presented and discussed.  Individual instruction was delivered when needed and training scars were identified and discussed.  Draw, grip, trigger, target, strong hand, support hand, concealment garments, and awareness were all instructed.

    Night:  I highly recommend the additional night shooting exercise. Scott demonstrated the selection and use of flashlights. The night exercises were practical and useful.  As Scott stated, “We live half our lives in the dark”.

    Day 2:  We were on the firing line all day.  Use of cover, engaging from standing, sitting and around obstacles were demonstrated and practiced.  The Tueller drill was discussed and demonstrated.  Firing line drills included target selection and firing near no shoot objects.

    Overall Scott controlled the class extremely well.  He was able to give each shooter the individual attention that they needed when they needed it.  If you missed a step or had training scars, Scott would notice it and address it appropriately with practical reasoning on why it needs correcting.

    Take the class, take notes, and take the knowledge to your home range.

    Jon R. T.

    Next DCH Class: July 14 – 15, VTC Romney, WV. PAGE HERE.


    I forgot to mention in the AAR the outstanding work of Robert and his son James in making this remote class possible. We all appreciated the amount of sweat equity they invested! Thanks guys

    CRCD/CP April 2014, CP August 2014, RC1,
    CTT/CP June/July 2015, Run n Gun/CQB/FoF 2016, DA Georgia 2017, DCH Georgia 2018

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    Brian from Georgia

    Good review, Jon. That was a great class!

    3-4 Aug 2013 CRCD, 2-6 Aug 2014 CRCD/Patrol, 30 Sep 2016 Run n Gun, 1-2 Oct 2016 FoF, 3-4 March 2018 DCH alumni
    Team Coyote

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    Virgil Kane

    I agree with all of the above. I hope we can start having more MVT classes in GA.

    Masters II
    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
    October 2017 MVT South - CTT/DA
    March 2018 DCH

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    Don’t expect it. I won’t say never, but MVT tactical classes are mainly collapsing back to the VTC. The facility keeps improving. Squad hasty attack this morning was against new target pits. Raid is now and has 3 new target pits. 3 more to follow.

    The quality of the facility here demands this focus.

    Raid now.

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