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    I have been to several other shooting schools ,but they only taught individual tactics. I wanted to do Infantry team tactics (just for fun) so I went to Max Velocity Tactical in Romney , West Virginia.

    I am a Machinist,57 years old and not an athlete or runner. My knees are not very good so I was not quite able to do the fitness prerequisites required for the 4 day HEAT1 (Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics) class.

    I signed up for the first two days of the class which has no fitness prerequisite.(just the flat range part)

    I did OK on the flat range days and Max said that I could stay for the field exercise part of the class, if I wanted.

    The highlight of the class was on day three when the class was split into 4 man squads and patrolled up a wooded valley.

    My heart was pounding with excitement as my squad
    started off! We had not gone far when two “bad guy” targets popped up. Our patrol deployed into a line, shot the targets, took cover and applied suppressive fire. We advanced by fire and maneuvering with shouts of SET!, MOVING! and also an occasional cry of STOPPAGE! and BACK IN! When the squad reached the enemy position we assaulted through and then consolidated the group and did a tactical reload. It was all very complicated but the range officers were there to help and ensure safety.

    I did not do any running. When going to cover I just walked ,briskly, as fast as I could. I was the slowest student in the class, when taking cover, but I did not delay the class.

    Our squad was “attacked” approximately three times in this exercise. By the time we got to the top of the valley, my knees felt like rubber but my breathing and heart rates were OK.


    I think that the exercises were run in a safe manner. A number of the students were repeats, and everyone had good gun handling skills.

    On the first field exercise There was some kind of safety incident. I am not sure exactly what happened because I was some distance away. It appeared that one of the students had poor muzzle directional control when getting up from prone position. The Range Officer was right there and prevented the student from getting up, (twice). And
    there was some yelling.

    At one point my assigned training partner seemed a bit nervous about me, maybe because I don’t talk very much. I told him that my most important job, when doing an exercise, was to NOT (inadvertently) point my rifle at him! …. He seemed happy to hear that.

    Story telling-

    I don’t often get to train with “cool dudes” and “men of action” etc, but when I have that privilege , I want to hear stories.

    The stories told by the instructors and my fellow students were great and really added to the experience.

    Max’s stories and classroom examples had a slightly British flavor,
    including a short discussions of The Battle Of Stamford Bridge in the year 1066 and The Battle Of The Somme in 1916. There were also some good natured jabs at the (American) students concerning events in 1814 when the British burned The White House!

    On the first day of class I used double ear protection (ear plugs and muffs) and could not hear the range commands at all. Another student was kind enough to lend me a pair of electronic ear muffs for the class. I wore them with ear plugs underneath and they worked great.

    I was hit by hot brass on the left side of my face, a bunch of times. I was glad that I had side shields on my safety glasses.

    I did not stay for day four of the class. I had enough kneeling for one week and did not want to overdo things. My knees hurt but I don’t think that I did any permanent damage to them.

    It was a great class.

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    It was a pleasure training with you John. I’m glad you stayed for the third day and in doing so you had a great experience.

    RS/CTT Nov 16
    HEAT1 Aug18

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    Nice meeting you John, we hope to see you back soon

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    Well, I’m sure it wasn’t a ‘safety incident’ but premptive reeducation in MVT style.

    But thanks for the review.

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    “Preemptive re-education in MVT style”. Now that is a classic line. I almost got preemptively educated with a rock..and I deserved it :yes:

    Left Bob

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    John, you were a fine partner and very much enjoyed training with you. Really wish you had stayed for Day 4!!

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