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    Got back from Texas last night 0200, power is out all over, trees down entwined with power lines. Not sure when it will be back up, which affects my office which is at home and thus will slow down catching up on bookings and sending class emails after Texas.

    We are currently executing our grid down plan, like good preppers, of WaWa for breakfast. Kids swim lessons, and hotel with pool for tonight!

    More seriously, need to look tp a whole house back up generator. Diesel I think, as it is more obtainable.

    Nearly could not get into the house last night as one of the powrr line entwined trees was down over the road, marked and signed by power company. But back road was useable. Need to work on a true back access route in and out od property, which is doable by widening an ATV trail on our property, over a wire fence into fields, and taking bolt croppers for a wire over a back road across the fields….

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    Glad everyone’s safe.

    We are currently executing our grid down plan, like good preppers, of WaWa for breakfast. Kids swim lessons, and hotel with pool for tonight!

    Excellent! ;-)

    I’ll see about starting a whole house generator Thread, we’ve touched on it before in the hurricane Threads.

    Should provide a variety of options to choose from at different price points.

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    Glad you made it back ok. Thanks for making Texas 2018 a great training opportunity! Can’t wait till next year.

    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... And Brother, it's starting to rain! James from Texas

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    Most of town without power. We are lucky now, not so much during “sandy.”

    Used the chainsaw to clear the road in front of house for traffic. Got some extra firewood now! Con ed says those without power should be prepared to wait days…

    I have a portable gas generator but a whole house “jenny” is on the list.


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    We had no power for 14 hrs, all my house systems ran fine on the genny. We still need to figure out the circuit for the effluent tank on our sand mound system but other than that we are pretty good to go. Didn’t see a lot of storm damage up our way this time but we did get a tree split down by the creek.

    On genny’s I’ll copy this to the new tread. We have a built in mechanical cut out and breaker on our breaker box. And I have a 5K Honda we hook up. We shied away from the whole house systems on expense, they are mostly overrated on power for what you need with a 14kw whole house that’s like running every outlet, light, baking a cake doing laundry and running the dishwasher. Also you can’t take them with you.

    Caveat. We heat the main room in our house with a wood stove, generally keep the bedrooms very cold and have a propane stove in our back room. Our furnace is propane if and when we need it.

    On our switch I have the well pump, sump pump, fridge, freezer, basement light so I can find shit. I’ve lit up the hot water heater with no problem.

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    When we built our home/retreat 10 years ago I looked for a quality small (12-17Kw) diesel generator, so that I’d have fuel for both the generator and the tractor. I was unable to find a quality diesel that small, the ones available came from foreign sources with suspect reliability. We had a Kohler 12Kw propane generator installed along with a 1000 gallon buried propane tank. The most common home propane generator is Generac, which two alumni have installed at their homes (currently running for the same reason you are looking at a hotel and it is very nice to “stay home”). I’ve had no problem with this set up in 10 years and a little less than 250 hours run time. Propane is cheaper than diesel and has an infinite storage life. The smaller gas powered units have the issue of stored gas and shelf life, plus when the power is out gas is difficult to find in the outage area. My 2 cents worth.

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