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    Ok guys, time to sound off with your experience. No lurkers please! I would like to hear:

    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    Let’s make this a long thread with lots of replies and involvement.


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    1) Referred to WRSA by a friend, then found MVT as one of the rare “gold nuggets” there, then subscribed to your blog, and bought your books.

    2) Blog/books persuaded me that you were very competent, willing and able to share the knowledge, which led to the training, which led to joining the forum.

    3) Your willingness to travel to Texas was my “go” signal.

    4) No suggestions, beyond what I mentioned about your blog and books being what convinced me the training was worth seeking.


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    1) first learned about MVT ~2013 by coming across Contact! on Amazon.
    Read the reviews, read the book, found the blog/website and if I recall correctly this coincidentally happened to be around the time you were starting MVT as a training operation.

    2) I thought the forum was worth joining based on positive experiences at MVT classes, including interactions with other students

    3) It took me a year to go from reading about the training, to pull the trigger and attend a class (CTT in late 2014).
    I had a positive impression of MVT based on reading Contact! and from reading your blog, but was hesitant about actually going to live-fire training since there are so many fools out there doing “tactical training”. When I finally did go, it was with a wary attitude and I was prepared to forfeit my class fee and just leave if things looked crazy or foolish. Living about 1000 miles away from the training site, there wasn’t really any way to go check it out in person first other than just signing up for a class. I recall there were some videos up of early CRCD classes by then, but a video only gives you a hint of what’s really going on.

    4) I don’t have anything to add really on this subject that hasn’t already been considered or discussed here.
    I have a bunch of the TacGun cards and patches, and usually give out a couple per week at my gun club, those usually to people at matches. I think that’s worth doing, but it’s a very small percentage payoff. Among gun club members (about 1400 members at this club) there are about 10-15% of them who actually shoot matches of any kind. Call it < 5% of the members who shoot the 3-Gun tactical style matches. A very small percentage of those people, I think less than 5% of the 3-Gunners locally, actually have taken training of any kind. I don’t just hit up the guys at 3-Gun matches, but part of the obstacle to overcome is that the other folks at the club/gun community look UP to these guys shooting the matches as some kind of tactical authority.
    Many folks are hesitant to step up to even shooting matches, and they’re not eager to hear that they need to do quite a bit more than that really if they want to hope to actually achieve any kind of competence.

    I like the adventure sport approach to selling people on MVT, but it can be a difficult sell since you’re talking about actual competence and a degree of physical fitness. Even Tactical3Gun (2Gun etc) is considered “up there” out of reach by many in the gun community, and TacGun is a level or two above that.

    When I have a chance to talk about this with people who seem interested and possibly inclined to seek tactical training, I usually steer them to the book Contact!
    I think the first part of the book does the best and most complete explanation of what tactical training is, why you might need it, and what is involved. I’ve gotten several people to read Contact! at least, which is a starting point.

    CTT 10-2014, CTT 1504, RnG/CQB/FoF October 2016, 2017 Georgia CTT/DA, DCH 2018.

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    Originally found via your blog. I was researching load carriage methods, and found your battle belt posts. Just kept reading from there.

    I browsed the forum as a lurker for a while. Actually paid up once you decided that future articles and comments would only happen in the forum. I always found the content in the forum quite good, so it was a worthy buy.

    Lead time from finding you to showing up for training was about two years. Most of that was due to travel logistics. Once I moved within driving distance, I booked within a few months. The reason I wanted to go was due to your focus on the bigger picture, and not minutiae of weapons handling. What will keep me coming back is the world class facility and great curriculum.

    "Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery

    Matt B - VA

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    1) I heard of MVT through a friend. He had first mentioned your books and then sent me a link to the website. I purchased Patriot Dawn on Amazon. Shortly after reading it, he had mentioned that he was taking a class. I told him that I wanted to sign up too.
    2) What persuaded me to join the forum was attending the training and listening to Max and 1st Sgt talk about it. They kept mentioning that it contained very useful, valuable information. Typically I stay away from forums because of the keyboard warriors. I find most a waste of time. Given that the $25 bucks usually keeps the trash out, I figured why not? Great decision to join.
    3)What persuaded me to training is because I can’t learn this stuff watching Youtube videos. I was looking for good training and wanting to better myself. As you mentioned, shooting a gun isn’t incredibly difficult; but factoring in team work, communication, weapon manipulation and SUT are invaluable skills that I wanted to learn. I wanted to challenge myself and continue to improve my skills to make myself a better fighter/warrior. From finishing the book to signing up was about 2 months, however I booked the class a few months out so a total of around 5-6 months.
    4)In regards to spreading the word, I was thinking about this a lot this week. Have you considered a podcast? Even as a guest appearance role? Many established podcasts want guests like you, you can talk about warrior mindset, MVT, physical fitness and how you want to spread this culture throughout the gun culture and men in general. On a regular basis I listen to the Jocko Podcast, Order of Man, and the Sheepdog Project. You can remotely call in for the podcast but these guys have thousands of followers that are subscribed to their podcasts and if they interview you, you share your passion for MVT, I think that might help spread the word to a very large audience.

    Most of these guys have ways to contact them at the bottom of their podcast (search on your phone). One better… Tim Kennedy and Mike Simpson are SOF. That could be a way into their podcast.

    Might be a lead worth following. Maybe even start your own podcast.

    RS+CTT, HEAT 2

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    Thank you so far. Please keep it coming.

    It occurrs to me that I could use quotes from a lot of these comments for a blog post about why to join the forum and train at MVT. Unattributed. Any complaints with the possible course of action?

    I did try with the YouTube channel and Max Talk but could not get enough views. Busy enough, so probably will not start a podcast, wjthwr or not it is a good idea.

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    A blog by Arctic Patriot.

    He wrote a review of Contact and your first blog around 2012(?), with a name like “Max Velocity” I was somewhat skeptical. Your blog posts won me over as way above average.

    Eventually the Forum came to be.

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    Just checking here, without derailing the thread, but people have twigged that I no longer use the pen name Velocity, right? That was my initial pen name and was a little tongue in cheek, a play on ‘high speed.’ Patriot Rising was published as Max Alexander, and for example the TM, as a handbook, will likely be published as Max Velocity Tactical, or perhaps with that as a sub-heading, given that it is published as part of the company, rather than from an individual author per se. Patriot Rising may well be Max Alexander with MVT as a sub heading, cannot recall without looking at the cover.

    So no, Velocity as an actual name (pen name or keep the crazies away cover name) has been long gone.

    And here is the thing: the government knows exactly who I am. Having pen names is more about protecting my family from crazies, such as having a WRSA nutjob show up at my house, etc. But it was always just a piece of personal OPSEC. And if you are really determined, you can find out where I live and everything, if that really means that much to you.

    Oh, and guess what, Alexander is my name. It just happens to be my middle name. And if you are sad enough to take that as a challenege to research me, please don’t publish it. Re: personal OPSE.


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    I found MVT via an internet search for SUT training. At that point I was trying to get my little group away from the square range stuff and get some useful team based training. I read the blog for a few months to get a feel for what MVT was about. I bought Contact read it and then signed up for CTT with two of my friends. I dont think I joined the forum until after attending CTT. Total time from finding the blog to taking CTT was nine months or so. Out of our group of 5-6 only three of us have been to MVT. Group dynamics being what they are, we are now down to just three people.

    CTT1504, NODF 1504, CP 1610

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    @riflemaniv – Reasons for the other guys not attending ither than the usual weakness / lack of warrior mindset?

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    1) WRSA site. You had several posts which seemed well-written, without ego (a rarity in this arena), which led me to your website.

    2) Joined the forum immediately (there was no charge at that time). Had to wade through the BS (have to on every site) but recognized the quality of responses. Once the forum went subscription, $25 was an easy sell. Might want to consider having an archive forum where the viewing is free but comments are closed as a means of showing the quality??

    3) Lead time was a year. I missed the Feb 2016 Texas class – no equipment, not familiar with it, etc. But decided the TX 2017 class would be the goal. Took me a year to collect equipment (I was collecting for 3). Once I attended the TX class (CRS/CTT), I knew I’d be coming back.

    4) There seems to be a pattern in the responses to the first question.

    5) (I’m adding this one as “impediments”)
    A. It was a catch-22 for me. I don’t like renting equipment as my experience (SCUBA diving) has been crappy and we all tend to relate the known to the unknown. So I was hesitant to attend until I had the basics (rifle).
    B. Dynamic range work was new for me (except SWAT, which made me nervous; if you saw some of the guys work, you’d been nervous too) and, being a trauma guy, know the consequences of an “accident”. Yet, you run one of (if not THE) safest range activities I’ve ever done – including LEO, SWAT, NRA, etc. EMPHASIZE this, a dynamic range automatically conjures up potential GSWs to someone new (or someone who has ONLY been on a static range).
    C. AAR equipment list (for us gear queers or newbies) – a running list of what does/doesn’t work. I used to keep a running tab of what did/didn’t work until I felt comfortable with my choices and trying out.
    D. Human psychology, analysis paralysis, DRIP (data rich, information poor), etc. Americans being Americans think technology can/will solve the problem versus getting in the mud/grime and solving it (Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe anyone??) don’t have any solutions here, just observations……

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    William, in The Republic - CRS/CTT 2017, HEAT 2/CQB/FonF 2018, DCH 2018

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    I came across a mention about MVT on, of all places, the Tactical Response forum. I looked into MVT and signed up and attended a class within 6 months.
    The why- I was looking for schools that offered Tactical SUT training as opposed to square range training. I had not seen MVT when googling at that time (2013). I am sure that is not the case now.
    IMO…there are 3 types of gun types out there. 1. Those owning guns but do not train. (Majority) 2. Those that want to train but only take 1 or 2 courses and say I am good. (Majority of minority). 3. Those that train a lot. This group tends to find one school and sticks with it and does not train at multiple schools. This is the group you want. I would pay special attention in marketing this group. You can do this surreptitiously by having your students mention MVT on other forums. This should be done in a subtle way. Not obvious marketing. Just post on a thread concerning SUT a mention that MVT teaches SUT and its good to go. This should be done carefully. I have not been on TR forum in a long time but I will start logging in and throwing a pearl here or there.

    CTT 1502, NODF 1502, CP 1503, RC 002- Rifleman, FoF x 2, Run and Gun, RS/CTT, CLC, CQBC, Heat 1

    Craig S.

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    @riflemaniv – Reasons for the other guys not attending ither than the usual weakness / lack of warrior mindset?

    Fitness, cost, laziness and mindset. One guy who I do not associate with any more dropped $5k on a tricked out AI rifle but MVT was to expensive :unsure: .

    CTT1504, NODF 1504, CP 1610

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    1) Probably 2012 or 2013 I saw a reference on some other blog to either Contact or Patriot Dawn. It looked interesting so I downloaded them from Amazon.
    2) I had been lurking on the old forum so I had an idea of what would be on the new paid forum. It was well worth $25 to keep the crazy people away.
    3) From before the time I read the first two books I was trying to get training elsewhere to improve my firearms performance. The training I got wasn’t bad but I realized that the material that was covered in Contact was beyond what I was learning on a square range. During 2016 I decided that 2017 was going to be the year that I’d go to WV for some training. As soon as I heard that Max was coming to GA in 2017, I signed up. A couple of hour away vs. a day away made it a no brainer.
    4) I would echo what’s already been said about guest appearances on established podcasts as being a way of reaching new audiences.

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    I found it during a web search of “tactical firearms training”, back when it was called CRCD. I was looking for a place I and some friends could be trained in an environment that was not a square range. Your bio, training location and your class price made it worth a gamble/trip. I convinced three others to come up; “short bread”, her husband and “that guy” (who did improve and graduate).

    From the web search to attending was the next available class. I/we were in a hurry to find a qualified teacher and range set up that met my/our needs. The experience was more than I could have hoped for and I’ve been back as often as my aged body will allow and each time I’ve brought someone with me to learn from the best! I’ve met and formed lasting friendships with a number of MVT alumi and joined the forum to keep that exchange of information going.

    I brought my grandson up and he still talks about the experience. He was a very proud 17 year old when you handed him his own MVT patches. I’ve bought your books and given them as “sets” to encourage others that tactical training is not sitting behind a computer screen, watching a movie or having the “cool” gear. I’m not the 20 year old I was in Vietnam, but I can still make it up the hills of VTC range (just slower than I use to). I was old school and brought my trusty M1A for the CRCD class, it has not been back since and I’m now a “light” fighter old guy. Thank you Max for adding a few more usable years to this old man.

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    I first found out about you while searching online about battled belt set ups. I also saw a review of Contact! On area or some prepper site. About a year after seeing that you did mobile trainings I signed up for a class. I have taken many square range classes and was looking for something more challenging and more advanced.honestly I was pretty intimidated that the classes would be too hardcore or that I would not be capable enough. This was increased by watching the training videos that looked like a bunch of guys running around and shooting without rhyme or reason. (Once I attended I got what was happening on the vids). The velocity part of the name does not appeal to me personally. I think it sounds kinda of cheesy. No offense intended. as far as promotion goes i think that having alumni set up booths at local gun shows as “tacgun ambassadors” would be a good way to get people to check out the trainings. It would be easy to have some printed materials and videos playing on a laptop. I’m sure that many of us would be willing to volunteer some time for this, I know I would.

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    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... And Brother, it's starting to rain! James from Texas

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    I found out about the forum at the training and signed up directly after.

    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... And Brother, it's starting to rain! James from Texas

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    Couple things:

    One theme is you guys seeing references to MVT on other websites. I have been asking people to do this. This was misinterpreted as me asking you to run a marketing campaign for me for free. No, just references and links on other sites. I still get people who see MVT on Mosby, and I have no idea how!

    As I mentioned on the warrior mindset post, weaponize that BLOG link. Make mention of MVT on other sites that you visit, as @hellokitty mentioned.

    I realize I am busy, and my focus is MVT. I know you guys are equally busy, and MVT is only a small part of your focus. The TacGun marketing piece is more about using it conversationally when talking about why you do SUT. With the warrior mindset article, you have the ammunition to couch TacGun/SUT in terms of warrior mindset and totally divorce it from ‘militia.’

    @darkrivers – you saw the part about Velocity, right? Don’t use it. Use Max Alexander and MVT (company, not person).

    As to videos – do they help or hinder, to the uninitiated? I know that the ignorant extrapolate their public range experiences to dudes running around unsafely in the woods at MVT.

    One thing to mention if you are commenting elsewhere about MVT is @wheelsee comments on safety versus SWAT training etc.

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    1.) Was trying to get a SHTF novel together (never worked out, might take another whack at it now that I’m back from Syria), stumbled upon MVT while researching the patriot/milita/prepper scene. Started reading your blogs.
    2.) You didn’t come off like a racist or extremist or anything, seemed pretty rational and professional and serious about training civilians in armed self-defense, not strung up over conspiracy theories and milishuh stuff, impressive resume.
    3.) N/A yet.
    4.) Maybe more Instagram video posts? Seems like a lot are still just still shots of the grounds, gear, and improvements. I get a lot of tacticool bullshit on my feed (and Nazi reenactor stuff too, I really don’t think their search algorithms have the right impression of me) maybe you could cut some more clips from training to Instagram length, you have a lot of good footage on YouTube to work with already. It might come off like superficial tactical porn but Instagram makes a lot of media very available very quick so it’s probably a lower threshold for initial contact than YouTube.

    - - -
    Jîn, Jiyan, Azadî

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    Will do. I think the videos are great but could use some narrative edited in explaining what is going on. Fear of the unknown is a huge hold up for most people, if they don’t know something their mind quickly comes up with the worst possible thing that could happen.

    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... And Brother, it's starting to rain! James from Texas

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    WRSA, I was one of your first readers at the old, old blog, thru that site. You were the only trainer to mention cover, it seems other trainers seem to be saying that cover means gun rest. And you mentioned break contact while it seems other gun trainers seem to train for the gun fight at the OK Coral, which I will pass on. So I guess that lead time was a couple of years I lose track of time.

    I’ll guess you have mined out the prep community and the threeper types and growth thru it not worth the investment.

    Maybe the .mil classes will spread the good word. Speaking of but a bit off tangent I read an opinion piece over at SNAFU blogspot by a Marine major who advocates for a living breathing opfor for Marines to train against. Mainly large theatre stuff but maybe an opportunity to bring UTM based tac training to their attention.

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    1. Had just started getting into the genre and ordered a hard copy of
    Patriot Dawn on Jan 25, 2013 (thanks Amazon ;) – then Contact in Jan 2014.

    2. Had already trained a few times and planned to again so $25 was a no-brainer. Plus, maybe part of me enjoyed the random verbal beatings? :scratch:

    3. First class was CRCD in Summer of 2014 – booked right after reading Contact. I came truthfully, partially because the world felt pretty chaotic and and that it looked like an adventure – a challenge compared to the 1 or 2 square range classes I had under my (very novice) belt at the time.

    4. No advice ;) I’ve been so far unable to persuade members of my 2x month training group (10-12 guys) to come. Some have shown interest, yes. But excuses abound. Money, time, feeling “training-classed-out” and a perceived lower domestic threat level (Trump). Plus, many of them are CCW focused and believe SUT is a bridge too far for them.

    Profile photo of Max Velocity

    @veritas556 – perhaps try the group on the warrior mindset post, if they don’t like it, at the very least a way of telling them to pound sand LOL. If you get the mailer, or on the FB page, there is a the constant contact mailer version, or link to the blog directly?

    You deserved all the verbal beatings, for your ‘marketing BS.’


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    I found the forum by following links on my way down the rabbit hole (i.e. the realization that I was not alone in feeling that something was going horribly wrong in our country).

    At first I thought maybe you’d be a bunch of billy-bad-ass types, but instead found thoughtful, intelligent discussions of various issues. That’s why, although I rarely comment, I joined the forum.

    I have not yet attended a class.

    The only thing that comes to mind as far as marketing is the NRA and its five million members — any way to submit guest articles to them?

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    Done. Posted to our forum. Will let you know feedback.

    As for the marketing B.S. I stand by it 100%. It takes time and NEVER works as fast as the principals want ;)

    “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy

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    Virgil Kane

    I found you through WRSA. I met up with Pete from WRSA and some other guys for some compass work and they were pushing MVT. That was early 2015 and I dicked around until 2017 when the Alma class to sign up. Then the Father’s Day discount came along and I jumped on that. FOF is what convinced me that reading books and watching a few videos won’t cut it.

    Forum: There was a lot of good info on the open forum, so I wanted to learn more. Twenty-five bucks is nothing and I have paid more for less.

    Advice: More mobile classes and some shorter classes (fewer days). I think a lot of folks are like me – until they get their feet wet, they don’t realize how ignorant they are and how valuable the training really is. But, convincing them to take 5-7 days, spend $1,200 and 2 days driving is hard. I know the issue is the same for you being away from home and the cost of travel to put on the mobile classes.

    Masters II
    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
    October 2017 MVT South - CTT/DA
    March 2018 DCH

    Profile photo of Max Velocity

    @Virgil Kane – given that Texas seems to be dying the death (maybe Texans are not the tough guys they imagine themselves to be LOL) I have thought about reducing my footprint to more the eastern seaboard. Alma classes fit into that. So we may do less mobile classes overall but more down in GA at Robert’s place.

    Scott is down there in March for DCH. I am discussing with Robert a November class that is maybe shorter, so maybe 2 x 2 days, a HEMS and a FOF. There are a lot of alumni down there and it may be a way for them to bring others in.

    If Texas does truly go away, we may end up replacing it late February with an event at GA. I don’t like to train at the VTC December through Ferbruary, so that works. Weather in south GA latter part of February? Acceptable?

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    Virgil Kane

    Yes. Late February in S GA is nice.

    I have a deposit in on the March class and I’m just waiting on the fall class to show up on the calendar.

    Masters II
    June 2017 Intro CQB, FOF-Team Deplorables
    October 2017 MVT South - CTT/DA
    March 2018 DCH

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    1. I heard about MVT by finding the old blog on the net. Liked what I read and progressed o class.

    2. Why did I join the forum. Easy answer is like I told you at class when you asked everybody if they read your articles about this or that. As we were going over stuff we should not have been killing instructional time. I enjoy the long articles on gear and tatical topics. They are well put together and make sense. Those long articles I am sure take a lot of time to write. But they are the gems of info and why I am on the forum. I know many of the topics covered have a few different ways they can be explained. But what you tell us is sound base on your experience and makes sense.

    3. It took me 3-4 years to come to class after I read the books and blog daily. It was something I wanted to do but didn’t. It wasn’t a fear of failure or anything. I just had other priorities and thought because I had watched or read this or that I understood the concepts. After all I do shoot competition and have been a state trooper for 17 years. I gotta know something right? Big no on tatical knowledge. Cop stuff and light infantry stuff is vastly different. Then a mobil class came close and I called a friend and talked/browbeat him in to attending with me. Buddy pair foundation right!!! I enjoyed class so much I talked two other guys into attending in 2018 HEAT 1. And sold several guns and got in on the cabin plan back in December. Plus my first buddy that attended HEAT 1 last fall with me is taking HEAT 2 in April 2018. I am taking HEAT 1 in March again and HEAT 2 for the first time in April. So now I am up to 3 others and myself who I talked into training at MVT. I keep trying to get people to go. You don’t know what you don’t know!!! Right!!!

    4. How to attract new people/spread the word? I have had the best luck personally with guys who like guns and who shoot completion with me. Plus they look around at society and wonders what the hell. I try with people that I identify as a good candidates. I think the blog, books and word of mouth are the best bet. Many people I have talked to say that sounds fun but….. Then they launch into the excuse session. You summed up most of the issues in your post about warrior mindset and other post on the blog about why people don’t train. I think you have a solid core of alumni who will train yearly. Then you will get new people to train and that number I would say will be based on the climate of society. I bet if the election had went the other way you would be crazy busy. It shouldn’t be that way but is.
    I think a podcast would be great. I listen to 4-8 different ones weekly. They are all gun, bushcraft and survival related. I don’t think the cost is anything crazy and you can expand your audience. The cost return would be worth a try. You could talk about any topic related to what you teach no matter how small or overlooked. You could breakdown historic well known and lesser known battles related to your teaching. Maybe guest interview people who were/are in your spear who you think could be helpful. I would be interested in listening to a Rodesian SAS guy talk about the drake method on your first podcast.
    I know it gets frustrating trying sell your classes to new people. What you teach is great. I liked it so much my son is going to attend classes in a few years. I think what you teach helps people with confidence, leadership, awareness, attention to detail, team building and promotes fitness. Typed this on the iPhone which blows. 👊👊

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    1. Heard about MVT in 2015 from my father in law who took classes at the VTC. Always talked about training, but we finally got serious after he went east.

    2. Joined forum immediately after first MVT run in 2016. Lots of great discussion about gear, training, etc. Well worth the money to get different perspectives on problem solving.

    3. MVT came to Idaho in 2016 and 2017, was a no brainer that I’d be doing as much as possible in both iterations. My schedule for work is built 3 months in advance, so plenty of lead time to get time off. However, heading east from Idaho with all the gear adding travel days plus 2.5 year old at home makes it more cumbersome. Still trying to hash out CLC, Team leader course in October.

    4. No good answer here. You’ve done a great job previously, but what I’ve seen when talking to folks is complete lack of motivation OR they are already SME (subject matter expert) in their own world. The guys I still work out with at the gym weekly and hit the range with monhly have a similar mindset to mine. We keep trying to expand the tribe…but it’s been a challenge. Warrior mindset…so many people talk a great game, but hard to find folks willing to take action.

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