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    @idahocajun – I do sympathize with your disappointment that I am not making it out for class in 2018. Rhino all the more – I have not seen him on the forum, so I assume I am persona non-grata at this time! I really enjoy the Idaho classes, much like I do Texas, so it is a shame.

    Given your concerns about heading east for that drive with the 2.5 year old at home, that echos my issues with heading west for the full class iteration, with the 9, 8, 7, and 2 year old’s at home!

    Now, when I head west, and yes that is a painful 4 day drive, I have to bring the truck with all the gear, which is an epic in itself. The solution for showing up to the VTC from the west coast is to fly in to Dulles (Virginia, good gun laws) and ship your ammo. Fly with your rifle, or take a loaner. For the HEAT TL (CLC) you don’t even need to ship ammo, and can in fact use a loaner rifle if you want.

    You don’t have to sleep out, we have the Team Cabin. So you just need to fly with your lite loud-out plus changes of clothes and sleeping. We can work on issues such as lending you a cot bed, or whatever. This can all be surmounted.

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    1. I think your books. Contact specifically, but wrsa was also instrumental.

    2. Networking.

    3. I had trained a few times and was looking for more/better. Saw your aar’s on wrsa from your May ’13 class. I was there in AUG ’13.

    4. Posts about gear draw lots of views and shares. Instagram/Facebook. I check the Instagram or Facebook pages of my bjj academy and some local trainers almost daily. One pic a day or a quick (10-30 secs) video leave people wanting more.


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    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    1) Heard about from Mountain Guerilla, believe it or not.
    2) I don’t know that I realized there was a forum until I was sitting in CTT. You told anyone who didn’t raise their hand to join, and so I did.
    3) Coming from the pew-pew side of things, I sought out your instruction specifically because at the time, it was only you and Mosby running SUT. I realized I was “being had” when I asked instructors tactics questions and they blew me off or gave nonsensical answers.
    4) Showing up to airsoft and/or paintball events with a trained group of guys representing MVT and completely wrecking people. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, Shock & Awe might lead to some people seeking out training at MVT, or at the least, putting it in teenager’s minds so that years later, when they have the cash, they can seek MVT out.

    Another idea is getting a budding filmmaker to shoot some snazzy action videos at the VTC with you and some alumni. People eat up the tacticool marketing videos. I know there’s some concern that a video like that wouldn’t attract the best kind of student, but with fitness standards and other comms (like the one you just did), you might filter a decent amount of those people out.

    The last idea, and for completely selfish reasons it pains me to say, getting additional SOF units training at the VTC. I think that adds a lot to reputation.

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    I found out about MVT on WRSA and having grown up reading Survivalblog, Mel Tappan’s books from the 80’s etc. I devoured all of the material you had on your blog. Then I bought and read your books and committed to training with you.

    The sheer scope and quality of the information you presented had me hooked. I wanted to learn how to fight, not shoot to simply shoot guns but fight with them and you seemed to be the best at teaching this.

    I don’t remember how long it was between when I started reading your articles and came out to train but I my first class was in 2015 followed by two classes in 2016.

    I love the Tacgun concept and think that you are moving in the right direction but have no good suggestions… people don’t see the need for training. I have talked to people and they say it looks cool but they would rather spend their money on other shit.

    Last year was a bust for me for many reasons but this year I am coming back and can hardly wait to get back at it :yahoo:

    The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.

    Robert A. Heinlein

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    1) This is tough to remember at this point. My gut reaction is I found MVT through a google search of training options near Baltimore. But I also feel like I must have seen your add on SurvivalBlog. That might be it. I listen to a lot of podcasts and at the time was really into preparedness podcasts and I feel like I heard about you on one or two.

    2)I was in and out of the forum a few times before the pay wall but joined after my first course to keep in touch with guys I trained with and try to get more involved with this community.

    3) I’ve attended 2 4-day courses at MVT. I’m hoping for at least 2-3 courses this year. After thinking through question 1 I’m pretty sure I committed to saving money, training, and buying gear for the RS/CTT class after hearing your interview on a podcast (trying to remember which one). It was a great interview and I was very impressed with your POV regarding people being self-reliant in more than just Beans-Bullets-Bandaids. You were advocating for training our Brains as well. This is a major tent pole in my preparedness mindset since. What’s the point in having all the best and coolest if you can’t do shit with it, right? And, what good are YOU if you can’t get by with the simplest and most available?

    4) I’ve struggled with this too. Maybe my friends and family just think I’m full of it or something. I’ve really been trying to get family and friends involved but the fine line of persistence and pestering is, well, fine. I get a lot, “I know I should but…” excuses, excuses, excuses. And I’m a work in progress myself so some of the effort needed to put into other people I keep in reserve for myself. My struggle is that of moving from the gun owning, obese guy, to trained, fucking, savage!!! With every new post from Max I have to try and not focus on where I’ve been but where I want to be. I’m on a journey all my own, trying to get fit, save money for training and equipment/ammo. With at that in mind, advocating as I do still takes a back seat to me focusing on what I need to do next for my family and myself. And I’ve shunned social media for about 2-3 years now so I’m not sharing anything with anyone digitally other than an email here and there to family and friends.

    That’s my story so far. I hope this is only the beginning and I continue moving forward in my mission to be a self-reliant warrior for my wife, boys, family, and friends.

    Heath Plumb
    Baltimore MD
    RS/CTT 11/2016, CQBI/FOF 6/2017 - Team Deplorables, MVT Fitness Challenge, CQBC 6/2018

    "A man's rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box."
    - Frederick Douglas

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    1.) I heard about MVT through a friend, here on the Forum he goes by Shooter! He talked to me about it for about a year or so, before finally signed up for combat rifle skills and combat team tactics.
    2.) I joined the Forum, pretty much immediately after taking the class last February. I was convinced by everything I learned and the type of individuals that were attending, my kinda TRIBE!
    3.) Persuasion to go to class, was the realization that just because I had weapons and could shoot, didn’t mean that I was a warrior. I took a couple of years to get back into shape, and Shooter talking to me about it every chance he got, before signing up for a class, wanted to make sure I was fit and didn’t sound like “Fatty McGhee” going up the stairs….”but I like the stairs”!
    4.) I know these classes are vital for me, for us all, and I really want the Texas classes to continue. I hit a couple of places on line today, ITS Tactical (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) has a forum and I posted about the Texas classes on there in several threads….I had completely forgotten about the forum on there. Hopefully it will stir up some interest. I know that I could be better at explaining what MVT is about, so I need to work on that. I don’t know what else to do, except to keep hammering away at it and hopefully something will come of it!

    ~ Little - South Texas

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    @brushpopper – thanks for posting on the ITS forum. Getting a bit close now, a month out, with the way people need time to move and adjust, but maybe something will come of it.

    There is a good group of alumni down in Texas, and it is a great training area. I certainly don’t want to abandon you. But if we can’t get the new blood in?

    There may be a way where we run some sort of alumni-only shorter training class, maybe just a single 6 day. I do intend to change things up this year for the CP portion (HEAT 2) – it will not be on the same well worn ranges, where I can find good alternatives. I have some ideas that I will check out when I get down there. If mobility does not run, then I will have 3 days to play with after the HEAT 1 class.

    With the idea of doing more in GA, it is not exactly on the way, but perhaps a shorter Texas (alumni) then a drive back through Alma GA to Robert’s place, perhaps to run something focused on new blood and alumni? Maybe up to a 6 day in each place? Just thoughts?

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    My late hubby bought a copy of Contact for me. Pointed me to the website, and I explored a bit. This was a few years back – ’13? 14? maybe? I joined the old forum and lurked a bit. I know I know nothing, even if I have opinions about the nothing I think I know. (LOL)

    I decided to continue when you started the subscription because what I found here was definitely worth the fee. I’m still reading a lot, learning and mostly keep my mouth shut. Took me moving here in November, then took DCH in May. I’m still looking at rifle basics – things are starting to quiet down for me.

    Yes, I pass on news and links to blogs that are “nutritious” for guys I know in other forums, without making myself the MVT PITA.

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    There is a pretty good pool of what seems to be pretty dedicated alumni down here in Texas, so if nothing else, I hope you will do that GA/TX loop and keep us on your schedule. Doing both on one trip would make it more worthwhile for you, even if we’re not drawing in enough new blood for a full 2-weeks down here.

    Maybe you could offer an alumni class, and a HEAT 1 class, subject to cancellation if a minimum number of students have not sent in nonrefundable deposits by a certain date? At least that way the alumni would get a shot at the training, and new blood (larger alumni pool) would have a chance to get in, but you could cut the trip shorter if enrollment doesn’t justify travel expense. Based on this year’s turnout, I’d suggest that if you are planning TX on the way to GA, schedule the HEAT 1 class prior to the TX alumni class. If headed to GA first, schedule HEAT 1 after the TX alumni class. That way if you decide to cancel HEAT 1 for low turnout, you wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for the next course.


    We are all victims of our perspective.

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    @shooter – you may have something there. HEAT 1 4 day, run payments different, subject an 8 student minimum. Followed by something we rig up for alumni. That allows new guys to do HEAT 1 and stick around also, if they want.

    Would be useful if we could get a Texas alumni discussion section going on here. I know seceral of you are here, but others are on your run n gun comms channel. But it would be useful to hash out the alumni curriculum.

    My instinct would be to do TX first, then head back up via GA, perhaps for another HEAT 1 class.

    However, if I run HEAT 1 in Tx, then an alumni event, that is still not short! But if the bookings come, it is worth it.

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    However, if I run HEAT 1 in Tx, then an alumni event, that is still not short! But if the bookings come, it is worth it.

    Right – That’s why I suggested that if you’re doing TX on the way to GA, you schedule the TX HEAT 1 prior to the TX alumni course. That way if you cancel HEAT 1, you could just leave home 4-5 days later and save the travel expense…. On the flip side, if the bookings come, it’s worth it, AND you build a larger alumni pool for future classes.


    We are all victims of our perspective.

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    Mike Q

    1) I found you linked through Mosby.

    2) Started following the forum and then met the VA guys. I was a sponge looking for information and wanted to meet some like minded folks. Hence the meet up with Rob and others. The forum was a no brained. It was free when I joined and became a paid item 2 years after you already had me hooked. The AAR’s were the real clincher for me in deciding to come train.

    3) I had never taken any training before and I was nervous. Rob suggested I take a one day class by another trainer to ease me in. Rob offered to take a class with me. And I signed up for the CRS taught by Aaron about 5 months after I found the site. Rob and I have been to almost every single class together since.

    4) More podcasts as others have suggested. More books.

    There never seems to be enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it twice.

    CRM Sept. 2014, CTT 1505, CTT July 2015, RC-Rifleman 1502, CP Nov. 2015, FoF March 2016, CCW May 2016, FoF Oct. 2016, FoF Nov. 2016, CLC April 2017, FoF Nov. 2017, Alumni weekend Aug. 2018, CQB Dec. 2018

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    Jim Tom

    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    From the guy who twisted your arm to come to Texas.

    Shooter has been an excellent brand ambassador for MVT. (He should probably get a patch of some kind)

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?

    Mostly so that I could practice my math when I log in.

    Actually, knowing that requiring a membership fee would probably weed out many of the turd munchers and thereby eliminate most of the BS you see on other forums. I can trust what it is posted and attempt to absorb the knowledge.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    Yes, all Texas classes so I hope that we can have a breakthrough on attendance. MVT was the first training class that I attended and it was an eye opener. I wanted to gain knowledge so that I could be a benefit to my family and friends when the S does HTF. I don’t recall the lead time, but I think I signed up right after the announcement of the first Texas class. (Cowbell n stuff)

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    This has proven difficult as I can echo the responses others have received when trying to convince new students to attend. Time and money are the most common.

    Are there any video experts in the Alumni clan? What about doing a “documentary” that covers from your military background to what you are doing now with MVT? Perhaps there could be a segment that talks about the Sponge Bob Square Pants duvet cover that you had at Sandhurst. Seriously though, and I am not blowing smoke, I think it would be an interesting show that could spark interest.

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    1) I bought Contact on April 20, 2016, Patriot Dawn & Patriot Rising on April 25,2016. This was how I found out about MVT.

    2) Worth joining the forum?- I knew I could get extra knowledge from the forum participants.

    3) reason for attend training & lead time-Max was the only instructor I saw that was teaching civilians SUT.

    Lead time- My first class was Combat Rifle Skills in either October or November of 2016

    4) spreading the word- So far, the people I have talked to that I thought would be good tribe members & WILLING TO TRAIN have turned into duds. I have a workmate that would be interested to attend a Heat 1 intro? ( if that comes to fruition)


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    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    Amazon. Was looking up urban warfare and tactical-oriented survival material and came across Contact!. Checked out the MVT website, read a bunch of blog posts, then bought the books.

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?

    High quality content more than worth the $25 per year. Mainly the personal knowledge, tips, and experiences you and others were sharing. Not just in active discussions, but in the searchable trove of previous threads. It’s like a living extension of the MVT books and website. Actually, I was reading the forum months before the membership thing happened, so I already knew it was awesome and totally worth it.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    Reading Contact! made me realize how silly and shortsighted most of the tactical training is out there. I thought taking MVT classes was a necessary investment to help shift the odds in the face of future threats. I bought the books in early 2016, joined the forum six months later, signed up for class one month after that. The founding alumni status deal was a good additional motivator. But then I had an Achilles tendon injury that delayed training by six months. Recovered just in time to take CQBC. Also the proximity of the mobile CTT/DA in Georgia made it a no-brainer to sign up for that one also.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    As far as getting more people in general to join MVT, I keep thinking about that Heraclitus quote about the hundred men where only nine are real fighters and one is the true warrior. If it’s matter of statistics then casting a wider net brings in more from that small percentage. But that would entail widespread advertising which you’ve already stated your position on. If permissible, willing alumni could buy some advertising spots on their own initiative if they want to spread the word that way.

    The tactical manual sounds promising though; I’m here because of the books.

    SE Florida ☆ CQBC 2017 ☆ CTT/DA 2017 ☆ CLC 2018

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    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?
    WRSA site via postings by Max, and I recall sidebar listings for CONTACT! book, which I purchased in 2014 or 2015.

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?
    a. The $25 paywall to keep out the non-serious riffraff, b. The non-BS useful training, tactics, and gear related posts and references by Max and cadre. c. After becoming MVT alumnus myself in 2016, the opportunity for MVT alumni to share training experiences and other useful information.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?
    a. Persuasion: Reading CONTACT!, Mosby’s and Bracken’s books, which led to a realization that I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know and need professional training. b. Lead Time: 6-12 months watching for a drivable distance class, which was TX 2016. I had paid a deposit for a Mosby class a few years prior, but was unable to attend.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.
    a. Some of my first impressions were MVT was kind of secret-squirrel “militia” stuff. After attending my first course, this was obviously not the case. This topic should be talked about openly when discussing with potential new recruits. b. Will add more after consideration.

    CTT/MOB (TX, 2016-02); CP/FOF (TX, 2017-02)

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    1) Bought a copy of “Contact,” after searching for a good manual on tactics, found the forum afterward from a web search.

    2) I read some of the threads and saw that the people here were serious, had good advice, and not a bunch of yahoos.

    3) Haven’t made it there yet, but plan on it. My wife’s battle with cancer this past year took priority.

    4) No ideas. I always recommend MVT, but I live in the sticks and tend to stay to myself most of the time.

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    I was looking online for a training class and found a post about MVT. I went to the site and started reading and found someone (Dennis W)in my area that had attended meet for lunch and he told me more about MVT. I order contact started reading along with saving up money to attend. Signed up for a July class. Signed up for the forum to stay connect along with find others in my area who like to train. As for spreading the word about MVT and the great training. I wear the patch and hand out TACGUN cards to people who I think that would attend MVT and befit from it. I would say be a sponsor at some of shooting challenges there are a lot run and gun events that take place up and down the east coast.
    I know I have learned a lot about how and why’s of tactical training along with what works and doesn’t work.

    Alumni living in N.E Fla. for now. Going to retire in Iowa on the farm some day soon.

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    Don’t worry about the “Velocity” thing, eff it. Your well beyond the need to prove yourself to anyone. If they don’t like the nickname hell with them. I would train with a guy that called himself Mr. Superman if I realized he knew his stuff!

    Funny story in that regard- when I first brought my son up to his first class- FOF in 16, on the ride up I kind of walked through how everything would go with him, the AAR discussion you and 1stSgt. give after every engagement, etc. He asks me “what do I call him? Mr. Velocity?” LOL. I said “Yeah…call him Mr. Velocity, that shit would be funny and if he doesn’t like it, you’ll be the one doing the pull ups!”
    RMP, TC3, NODF, CRCD 6/14, CP 9/14. NODF, Land Nav, 6/15. Rifleman Challenge 9/15- Vanguard. FOFtactics 3/16, 10/16, 11/16, 6/17,11/17 CTT, 6/15, 11/16, , LRMC-1 9/17 GA Mobile CTT and DA 10/16, GA mobile DCH 3/18, HEAT1 3/18 Alum weekend 8/18, Opfor CLC 10/18, DA 11/18 CQBC 12/18

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    1. Word-of-mouth from a friend.

    2. After attending a couple of courses, it was a no-brainer to join the forum.

    3. I first became aware of MVT sometime in 2014 and attended Combat 2-Gun in early 2015. It was 8 degrees in the holler that first morning.

    4. Spreading the word – ??? Keep plugging away with social media? I shared the warrior mindset post on my personal FB page and received 1 like. For perspective, I shared a story about cutting sugar from your diet and received not a single like. It seems that, at least among my “friends”, that training is only slightly more popular than avoiding sugar. I shared the “TacGun – Get Some” on a local FB club page (Fayette County Patriots & Gun Club) and not a single like. I’ve been a bit tough on people around here, lately, so my popularity is waning. People are pitiful! Especially the patriotic gun guys.

    C2G Feb 2015, CTT March 2016, CQB June 2018

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    1)How you heard about MVT, via what means?
    Once upon a time I was really into the prepper mindset. I was constantly surfing the preparedness websites putting together my lists of lists of things and stuff. I was a buying fool. I had all the hardware but no software. I first stumbled upon MVT on July 16, 2012; a guest article on Survival Blog ( I followed the links to the MVT Blog and started lurking devouring all the free chicken I could get my chubby prepper fingers on. I eventually fell off the prepper band wagon and became a Rationalist seeking training at MVT and other relevant subjects.
    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?
    After being a blog lurker, when the forum went live I lurked there too on the open side, After training in Texas in 2015, I was granted access to the alumni forum and saw the benefit of the content and quality the alumni forum represented, When the forum added the fee, I didn’t hesitate and saw the trolls disappear in no time.
    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?
    Since finding Max on Survival Blog, I was devoted to the blog and bought and read the books. I often looked at flights, cars, hotels to attend training in West Virginia. I kept hesitating at the price of travel, price of training, physical fitness, training readiness (gear and mentally). On November 24, 2014, Max opened the first Texas Mobile classes up for open enrollment. Being within driving distance and lodging on site I decided it was now or never. I have never regretted my decision. Total time lurking was approximately 2 years 4 months to sign up and 2 years and 7 months to first training. This February will make my fourth pilgrimage to Texas for training. I hope to continue training in Texas as the ranges are a good representation of my area however I am looking to train in West Virginia and possibly Georgia to expand the class offerings I can participate in. I will never again hesitate at price to obtain the quality of training available at Max Velocity Tactical.
    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.
    I struggle to find people interested in training. I have discussed my training experiences with lots of people. I use class descriptions, class videos, MaxTalk videos; nothing seems to take hold. I’ve had many people tell me they can see the difference when I return from training, but apparently they don’t think it’s worth their time. Its either “I’m good enough already” or “I don’t see the need” or “I don’t have the money”. It’s not just MVT training, most can’t see the need for preparedness either. I share blog posts, print flyers, wear my patches, embrace Tacgun. I agree with @shooter. Most Americans are LAZY F***ers.

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    Scott G

    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    I think I found out about the books first. I Was into reading dystopian/prepper stuff at the time. A little research lead me to the original blog site.

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?

    Having attended training and reading everything, I knew it was good info.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    I had recently retired from the National Guard, and thought a chance to run around the woods and put some lead down range would be great. I had been AGR towards the end of my career and the 11B life had been left behind. I think I found the site in early 2013 and I was at the First CRCD. There were just the two of us.

    I was involved with an alumni group in Northern VA, but when I lost my job, I lost contact because priorities changed. (I need to get back in touch somehow!)

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    I wonder if making personal appearances would help. Actually talk to people and share the message first hand. You are in Culpepper, and it would not be that much of a trip to go to the gun shows at Dulles, Fredericksburg, Winchester, etc. IF you feel this is getting positive results, then you could add other events like Shot show. Just my $.02!

    Northern VA Area

    CRCD #1 Alumnus

    Profile photo of Max Velocity

    Was at SHOT last year, will be there this year with Scott.

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    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    Infowars interview. Bought all books you had at that time after interview.

    2) What persuaded you that the forum was worth joining?

    Good information.

    3) If you have attended training, what persuaded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    Not able to make it to Virginia. A fellow put out information to run n gunners from Pecos that you could be persuaded to come to Texas. Committed right after I read post.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    More interviews with whatever personalities have a large following.


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    1) I found you via Weaponsman. I respected Hognose for his writing and his endorsement went a long way. Upon reading your free stuff I was impressed. In my less than experienced eye You seem to know what you are talking about.

    2) I decided to pay the $25 towards the forum so I could ask silly questions now rather than wait until I eventually got to a class. That way I can ask slightly less silly questions. I also wanted to feel out the community a little before I invested time and money in meatspace. The relative lack of “threeper” rage and drama that dominates other areas of the web is wonderful!

    3) I have not attended any classes yet. I plan on doing so in the summer or fall when my schedule will allow it. That would put the lead time a little over two years between class attendance and finding MVT. The major obstacles to class attendance have been geography and schedule. I did not find MVT until after I moved out of driving distance to Romney.

    4) As far as marketing goes, as the competition side of TacGun takes off you may have an easier time getting the word out. Whether or not the inevitable text book Dunning-Krugers who will show up unprepared will take action when they fall short of expectations is yet to be seen.

    You might try inviting the guys from ITS Tactical to one of your challenges and/or FoF classes. Bryan likes to write about that sort of stuff and he has a reasonably large readership. His stuff is way more mainstream then WRSA.

    The Art of Manliness might also be a route to get more mainstream exposure as well. Although his readership probably has a lower density of potential TacGun enthusiast in it compared to ITS. Something like a primer on ambushes or the break contact drill might work for that readership especially if Bret has his illustrator work on it. Baring that, his readers would absolutely eat up your personal history with the Paras assuming you are willing to share with that large an audience.

    A portion of the typos in the above message might be my phone, the rest are just me.

    I have been wrong before...

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    1. I think I was looking at pics online and one was from a blog post of yours lol. Went to the blog and read through about maybe 8 months of posts and bought Contact afterwards.
    2. Never been in the military so I appreciate the content.
    3. Every time I think I will send a deposit for a class my wife ends up in the icu or ccu. So I have no money yet ugh.
    4. Tank sez YouTube lol. Speak slowly for him heh. Seriously I have no ideas.

    Central Ohio

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    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?

    Some time in 2014,I was ‘retiring’ from a 11 year stint in a different hobby that turned into a second job and found Mosby who referenced Patriot Dawn (I think), found the MVT website and was excited because what looked like an awesome opportunity was local to me. As my interest built, I searched the interwebz for competitors, etc and realized there really was no other option for this type of training and because some opportunities just don’t last, scheduled a Combat Rifle class (A-A-Ron) early in 2015. I had already read Patriot Dawn and bought Contact after the CR class.

    2) What persuaded you that the forum was worth joining?

    I am a veteran of some epic car related forum flame wars so I knew that private forums worked to keep the nonsense down. I also had the opportunity to meet a bunch of alumni by the time the forum went to paid and knew the quality of contributors that would be around.

    3) If you have attended training, what persuaded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?

    My persuasion was the scarcity of this type training and the locality. Lead time was from probably late fall until I could organize my self to get there in March.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relevant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    Since VR is one of the shiny things of the internet, maybe find some tech nerd who can build a VR demo of a class. I am not that kind of tech nerd.


    Ok guys, time to sound off with your experience. No lurkers please! I would like to hear:

    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?
    I found MVT on the web looking up “tactical training” … got your first book prior to attending class.

    2) What persuaded you that the forum was worth joining?
    The forum has tons of useful info and is entertaining.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class? I think that my lead time was pretty short. I checked the gear list and, once assured that I had the stuff on the list or could get it, I signed up.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relevant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.
    Ditto what others have suggested like shot show. (but watch out for the frigging flu this year in that crowd!)
    Max- I listen to the podcasts on the firearms radio network and they have trainers as guests often. Listening to them and comparing them to Max is like comparing a Chinese knockoff trijicon to the real thing. A couple of years ago your went on the “modern combat and survival podcast” talking about vehicle tactics and it was excellent. I know that one of the guests mentioned attending an MVT class at one point and was very complementary. Think about the going on the AR15 podcast or the “we like shooting” podcast on the firearm radio network. The hosts are supposedly attending the Shot show. Perhaps speak with them face to face if possible (the president is Shawn Herrin)

    CRCD/CP April 2014, CP August 2014, RC1,
    CTT/CP June/July 2015, Run n Gun/CQB/FoF 2016, DA Georgia 2017, DCH Georgia 2018

    Profile photo of Dimitri Povozhaev (NE Ohio)

    1. Found MVT by purchasing the “Contact” book, found the MVT website address in it.
    2. I was persuaded to join the MVT forum after going to my first couple of classes, interacting with cadre and other students (and the forum was free at the time).
    a. I wanted to learn things the book “Contact” was talking about, nowhere else this information is taught to civilians. I felt the square range shooting in not enough.
    b. I want to train, get better, and know my capabilities.
    c. It took me a few months to sign up for my first class. Now, I am trying to be a part of as many classes as my time and money will allow.
    4. I am thinking from the mass reach approach on this one. Any opening to doing a 20-30 second AM radio commercial on a popular AM radio station? Could be advertising a TACGUN challenge type of events to a large listening audience. I have found very difficult to have guys commit to the going to classes for all the reasons which were mentioned prior by other students. In Cleveland we have a station 1100 AM, 50k watts, reaches the neighboring states, and therefore gets a large listening crowd.

    Dimitri P.

    Profile photo of diceman624

    1) How you heard about MVT, via what means?
    I think it started as a Google search for rifle courses in East Texas for my 2018 training year, then became reading “Contact!”

    2) What persauded you that the forum was worth joining?
    I read a bunch of the blog posts, and inferred that the links to the forum meant much more in depth discussions where happening there. So I joined to learn what the blogs didn’t cover.

    3) If you have attended training, what persauded you to action that, and what was your ‘lead time’ to actually show up at a class?
    Haven’t attended training yet; looking to pull that trigger 2019.

    4) Anything else you think useful or relvant to MVT and how we can spread the word. Reputation, etc.

    Honestly, I think books, both print and digital, are a good way to go. I really got interested in taking the courses after reading Contact!, because I could tell this wasn’t the run-of-the-mill tactical training course. As described, its more light infantry, and less SWAT/CQB oriented TTPs. I believe in the adage that I should attend as many different training courses as I can afford, from different schools, in order to maintain a broad perspective. I would try to market it as educational, sport or anything other than SHTFantasy, simply because my experience of SHTF literature is its too “Tank” (to borrow from another forum thread). I find much of SHTF literature so ridiculous that I can’t take it seriously, much less finish it. I can imagine others sharing that aversion, even if it deprives them of insight into some decent information. Of course, I’m the type of person who looks into things like combat psychology. Or perhaps marketing along the lines of 2-Gun and interviews with prominent podcasts as others have said.

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