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the subtle irony of being an anti gun liberal in a Trump world

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    I’m “blessed” with a lot of liberal friends who all feel strongly about gun control and love to post to social media about it. They also love to proclaim the many reasons a Trump presidency will lead to the end of the world including one of my friends claiming today that if Trump is elected he will literally die.

    The other big theme that is running is that Trump is an authoritarian demagogue who will install a Germanesque American Third Reich with liberals, illegals and Muslims stacked up, bar coded and ready to be shipped to the gas chambers. These normally semi rational people who I call my friends, acquaintances and co-workers literally believe this.

    Since we have all previously battled over gun control I like to point out that if they were right and Trump was all that and worse how the hell would they stop him. They have no guns nor do they even believe in them. You would think they might catch a whiff of the irony but, alas, to a man (and woman) they are oblivious. They cannot envision a world where they would need a firearm to stop tyranny even though they can envision a world of tyranny. I truly believe the gap is insurmountably wide to bring most liberals to a place where they can reconcile the fact that their beliefs are mutually exclusive.

    Anyway thought I’d post that here. Does anyone else have hopeless friends?

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    Nope. You need to move.

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    Does anyone else have hopeless friends?

    I have fewer everyday.

    Nope. You need to move.

    Or just make new friends.

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    Hopeless friends you can walk away from.

    Worse is a dearly beloved family member who in all matters but politics you march in lockstep with. :cry:

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    How exactly is Trump a nazi when Hilary is the one trying to strip peoples rights away from them? Hilary supporters would know alot about Hitler though.

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