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Too important for ignorant Bravado! (Warning: Graphic Photos of Death)

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    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

    This discussion on potential responses to attacks on Liberty brings out emotional responses for many.

    We encourage a more reasoned reaction based on facts, vice entertaining slogans and fiction.

    Before people get defensive remember ignorant is just another way of saying “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

    In my military career I’ve seen firsthand the impact of violence on people. It can be quite a horrifying memory. Think the images are bad? The smells can be worse.

    We’ve discussed how we need enough people to take a stand for such resistance to be effective.

    The potential outcome of a fixed group against government is not good.

    Here are some pictures of the results of one such group from Waco, TX.

    I will not entertain a discussion of the details leading up to their final day as its not relevant to the point of the cold realities of the final outcome on April 19, 1993.

    This wasn’t a small group, 85 people were present that day, this includes men, women, and children.

    Only 9 survived.

    Two year old child, she did not survive.

    Remains of eighteen month old child.

    Remains of a ten-year old child.

    Remains of an 8 year old child.

    Those pictures represent what “By any means necessary!” really means.

    You could add all of those other slogans to these pictures!

    Now if you really mean what these various bravado slogans say, no problem as long as you aren’t ignorant of the true meaning.

    I am not advising anyone to not to fight for what they believe in, but you damn well better know the risks, and plan to realistically mitigate them!

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    In my military career I’ve seen firsthand the impact of violence on people. It can be quite a horrifying memory. Think the images are bad? The smells can be worse.

    It is the smells that are still active for me…….35 years later.

    We each have triggers……mine are smells. I can still drive by a fire scene and tell my passenger, “there’s a crispy” and sure enough, on the news there will have been a burn victim…..has a smell of its own…….

    BTW, if you’ve ever wondered what a 4th-degree burn is, these are them….

    Which is heavier - a soldier's pack or a slave's chains? Napoleon

    Strength, Honor. Maximus (Gladiator)

    If you tolerate evil, you yourself are evil.
    Col Hugo Martinez, Commander Search Bloc

    William, in The Republic - CRS/CTT 2017, HEAT 2/CQB/FonF 2018, DCH 2018

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    I’m not a vet. I have 29 years as an inner city firefighter. Very large bust department. My wife and I can be watching a movie and she will wince at particularly nasty scenes. I always tell her if this movie came with smells you would understand more some of the things I’ve seen.

    RS/CTT Nov 16
    HEAT1 Aug18

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    I guess, either because I grew up in Baltimore City or because I watched too many shitty horror movies as a kid, I wasn’t super shaken by seeing random dead bodies, but it still bothers me if I think about some of my buddies that died in other units sitting in pieces like that. There are still comrades of ours that are lying in pieces getting gnawed by dogs in Afrin because the Turks won’t agree to allow our side to collect our dead.

    The smell is pretty bad, I went to pickpocket a dead Daesh guy we nicknamed Steve but I couldn’t get close because the odor was too strong and the flies too numerous. Steve was pretty gross by then, he had a big hole in his skull, and his skin had turned orange and was starting to peel back like a baked potato. (I didn’t want to go full PTSD-mode so I didn’t take photos of dead bodies.)

    If I have a trigger it’s when I hear “pop-pop-pop” where I don’t expect it, my first instinct is to take cover and try and fix the location of the sound.

    It’s also worth noting that even if we “win” any future conflict, we’re looking at still losing everything we own or care about. Something like 80% of Raqqa was destroyed during the battle, and most houses were basically ransacked if they weren’t destroyed. You’re only going to be able to save what you can fit on the back of your truck on the way to a refugee camp, and less if you dig your heels in and hit the woods and mountains to fight.

    You’re going to lose friends and family members either to fighting the enemy or because they sympathize with the enemy side outright, even a lot of Kurds had family fighting with ISIS, I heard strange stories of YPG and Peshmerga fighters periodically calling their brothers fighting with ISIS to see if they’re okay, because even if they were enemies they were still family.

    Benjamin Franklin famously cut off all contact with his own son because he was a supporter of the crown. In my own expereince, one of my own immediate family members had to be talked out of calling the FBI on me for going to Syria because they were worried about my safety. (The FBI knew regardless, but still, really?)

    Not to say that freedom isn’t worth the loss, but don’t be surprised by what you have to sacrifice for it.

    - - -
    Jîn, Jiyan, Azadî

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    Raqqa was AC-130s, B1s, FA-18s, and A-10s pounding one city for four hours every single night. Remember that most buildings in the Middle East are made of poured concrete so a city in America would fare far worse under such bombardment. Daesh fighters in the city had to deal with constant surveillance followed with airstrikes, which made getting water and food to their fighters extremely difficult, at one point we were hoping they’d surrender due to a lack of water but they kept fighting, they may be evil but they are tough bastards.

    It wasn’t uncommon to see random limbs sticking out of the rubble after the battle.

    - - -
    Jîn, Jiyan, Azadî

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