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Venezuela plunges into darkness

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    Sounds like someone is shaking the fence down there big time.

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    Mothers and relatives wait outside of an intense care room for babies at a clinic, during a power outage in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, March 7, 2019. A power outage left much of Venezuela in the dark early Thursday evening in what appeared to be one of the largest blackouts yet in a country where power failures have become increasingly common. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Much of Venezuela plunged into darkness Thursday evening, creating chaos as people struggled to navigate their way home amid what appeared to be one of the biggest blackouts yet in a country where power failures have become common.

    The power outage began just as commuters were leaving work. Hundreds crammed the streets of Caracas, forced to walk because subway service was stopped. A snarl of cars jammed the streets amid confusion generated by blackened stoplights.

    President Nicolas Maduro blasted the outage as an “electrical war” directed by the United States in a statement on Twitter. His information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said right-wing extremists intent on creating pandemonium by leaving the South American nation without power for several days were behind the blackout, but he offered no proof.

    Imagine this same scenario playing out in the US- “Trump supporters have crashed the power grid…”
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    I wonder if the government down there is so inept that they have to load shed the deplorables off the grid or the ineptness just led to an accidental power outage?

    Because I love to go off topic, Kurt Shlicter has written an American dystopia set of books and after three books the walled off elite in Blue State America still has power being delivered to its luxury enclaves. I twittered him and told him if those lines don’t come down in the 4th book he needs to stop writing books.

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    Just a thought – IF the US experienced a power outage for 7-days (with NO generator backup), what would happen??

    From a medical perspective –
    1. Many on hemodialysis would die
    2. Everyone on a ventilator would die
    3. Anyone who suffered a heart attack or major trauma would likely die
    4. Anyone on supplemental oxygen would likely die
    5. Everyone in a hospital ICU would likely die
    6. Many in nursing homes would die
    7. Many in acute rehab hospitals would die

    Think it can’t happen?? It already has (Hurricane Katrina, see here )

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    I follow a guy on twitter and he occasionally posts something there that is worth reading, because twitter is a black hole of human consciousness.

    Anyway the blackout in Ven. still continues as of March 9th, both sides that being the Maduro gang and Senator Rubio’s twitter feed agree. So if both propaganda outfits are claiming it I believe it is true.

    Maduro and his gang of thieves claim an American imperialist plot which automatically sounds stupid because he is aiming his propaganda at what amounts to low IQ types who vote for their living. But on the other hand the USgov has in the past targeted the grid of another country in time of conflict. Serbia late 90s when the campaign to make us forget oval office sexy time after little effect from bombing military targets they took to taking out the grid and making life miserable for the Serbs in Serbia proper.

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    Honestly I don’t see any reason for Maduro to risk further damaging his legitimacy by causing such disastrous blackouts. My money is in the US conducting cyber ops against Venezuela’s power grid (which I imagine could be pretty damn easy, even in the US our grid is surprisingly centralized and vulnerable to attack), it’s too damn obvious to me to be anything else. I think the Americans are lying through their teeth here, there was recently an aid convoy that was supposedly destroyed by pro-Maduro militia that actually wound up being accidentally destroyed by anti-Maduro protesters. The US has a vested interest in seeing Maduro gone, both Guaido and the Americans have openly bragged about the possibility of handing over the state-owned oil company’s operations to US companies.

    Maduro is a shitbag but Guaido is basically bending over backwards to be the US’s lap dog, I’m not sure what the US’s endgame is beyond hoping the Russians don’t see the utility in making Venezuela a civil war hellscape like Syria. Maybe some neocons like Bolden would like to get back at Putin for winning Syria but the Russians have little reason to think that they couldn’t get another almost-perfect victory by giving overt military support to Maduro like they did Assad if things get hot.

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    Is Ven. even capable of having a hackable SCADA operated grid? I don’t know, my guess in part, but part of me wants to think that if they do it is more than likely that they ran off the competent for the oppressed and hence would not be able to fix, or attain the imported parts. Maybe the Chinese can fix it for them going forward.

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    Could there be U.S. involvement in this?

    Sure, but it is just as likely a combination of poor maintenance and/or supporters of Guaido.

    Propaganda and speculation is what I see the most reported stories.

    Taking down the power grid is in those that oppose current regimes best interest despite discomfort for people.

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