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Walkie-Talkie for a long trip to desert

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    I’m looking for a walkie-talkie for my child. Son loves to play with soldiers. He showed a list of this walkie talkies for kids. Something you can advise on the technical characteristics? because I do not understand, absolutely. I do not know what to choose from this, any advise?

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    Any of the name brands (Midland, Bellsouth, Motorola) on that list should be fine. They are all made in China, but the others are Chinese companies.

    Those are all FRS/GMRS frequencies. The GMRS frequencies require a license, but I’ve never heard of anybody getting in trouble. IIRC, it’s $80/family.

    They are low power. Range will probably be real good in the desert, but that’s the only place you will get 24 miles as stated on one of the descriptions.

    You can likely find a blisterpack of Motorola or Midland at Walmart or Cabelas.

    ETA: You don’t need a license to use the FRS channels.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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